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 Giving to a Cause

Awards and Book Prizes

Awards and Book Prizes for Top Graduates are given annually to top graduating students with excellent academic results. These awards include cash and book prizes, and plaques to recognise student' achievements. The awards are named after the sponsors and presented at Singapore University of Social Sciences's annual convocation ceremony.
A) Named Awards
Named awards are given to the Top 3 graduating students from a programme.

Gold Award – S$500 cash, Plaque (S$150) and Certificate
Silver Award – S$350 cash, Plaque S150) and Certificate
Bronze Award – S$200 cash, Plaque (S$150) and Certificate
Commitment: S$1,500 per programme per year for a minimum duration of 5 years. Total Commitment for 5 years is S$7,500.

B) Named Achievement Award  
Named achievement award is given to the Top graduating student for one subject area, specialisation or cluster within a programme or across programmes.
S$450 cash + Plaque (S$150) + Certificate
Commitment: S$600 cash per subject area, specialisation or cluster, per year for a minimum duration of 5 years. Total Commitment for 5 years is S$3,000.
C) Named Book Prize 
Named book prize is given to the Top graduating student for a particular course within a programme or across programmes. There is no plaque given for named book prize, only cash and certificate.
S$400 cash + Certificate
Commitment: S$400 cash per course per year for a minimum duration of 5 years. Total Commitment for 5 years is S$2,000.

For Awards and Book Prizes, please download the Donation Commitment Form and email the completed form to


Research Projects

Support Research Projects for higher quality programmes by supporting the Government’s mission to establish Singapore as a research and education hub. Contribute to Singapore University of Social Sciences’s research initiatives and projects. Our research is aimed at enhancing our existing curriculum and pedagogy, as well as projects that contribute new knowledge and applications to industry and society. 
Contributions will be used to fund initiatives and to support research in a school or research centre. 

Visiting Professorship

Visiting professorships will enable distinguished academics to come to Singapore University of Social Sciences to share their expertise with our students, staff, the professions and society at large, and help further raise the quality of teaching and learning in our programmes.   
Minimum contribution: S$30,000 annually for a period of three years. A S$1 million contribution will see a professorship named for life. 

Student Enrichment Programmes

Educational Trips for Global Exposure are useful educational platforms that enhance the teaching and learning process as it provide experiences outside the classroom.
Fund Entrepreneurship Initiatives to help student/alumni entrepreneurs realise their dreams.
Donations can be restricted or unrestricted gifts, endowment or non-endowment in nature.  

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