SASS-SAAL Talk: Are Online Dictionaries Suitable For The Classroom?


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9 May 2017

 SASS-SAAL Talk: Are Online Dictionaries Suitable For The Classroom?

​​Date : ​9 May 2017 (Tuesday)
Time ​: ​6.00pm - 7.30pm​
Venue ​: ​SIM HQ, Blk C, SR C.3.12​
Refreshments will be served between 5.20pm - 5.50pm. Admission is free. All are welcome.


Dictionaries have long been an important part of language pedagogy, and today all major dictionary publishers offer a range of printed (i.e. book form) dictionaries for learners from kindergarten right through to tertiary level. However, in today's world of ICT there is an increasing trend towards using online dictionaries in the classroom, especially those that rank high on the Google search engine. This raises thequestion of just how suitable these online dictionaries are for school use. This presentation provides an assessment of three prominent online dictionaries (Dictionary.comOxfordonline, and Wiktionary) in terms of their uptake of the affordances of ICT technologies, and homes in on features that may be either pedagogically beneficial or the opposite.

Speaker Profile 

Dr James Lambert assistant professor at the National Institute of Education, Singapore, with a research focus on World Englishes and lexicography. He previously worked as a professional editor and typesetter for over 15 years with Macquarie Dictionary Publishers, Sydney, and has edited numerous dictionaries and other reference works. He regularly publishes articles in such international journals as English World-Wide, World Englishes, and the International Journal of Lexicography.


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