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 Upcoming Events

Date & Time​ ​Event Highlights​
27 Jul 2017 (​Thursday)
7.00pm - 8.30pm

(Registration and dinner start at 6.30pm)
Running A Social Enterprise In Singapore
As the sector developer for social enterprises, the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE) is pleased to share its findings from its inaugural report on the State of Social Enterprise in Singapore, 2017. raiSE will also be sharing its various programmes for those keen on starting their social entrepreneurship journey. 
26 Aug 2017 (Saturday)
2.00pm - 5.15pm

(Registration starts at 1.00pm; please be seated by 1.45pm)​
Storying Change: Narratives of Today and Tomorrow
The School of Arts & Social Sciences (SASS) welcomes you to Storying Change: Narratives of Today and Tomorrow, this year's edition of the biennial Language in Singapore forums. ​
The forum will explore stories about change at the national, societal and individual levels. Speakers from the fields of language, literature and translation will share narratives about changes in society, policies or practices in relation to language use. 
9 Sept 2017 (Saturday)
9.​00am - 6.00pm
2017 Singapore Early Childhood Education Symposium
The inaugural Singapore Early Childhood Education Symposium will inspire, engage, and bring together early education professionals across the wide spectrum of early childhood education. The symposium’s four keynote speakers are experts and scholars who will share their views and experiences on teaching and learning within the changing landscape of Chinese early childhood education in the region. These high calibre speakers will also highlight best practices and innovative research in designing, developing and managing learning environments for early childhood education.
不同学前教育经验和理念之间的相互借鉴或冲撞可以激发出什么样的可能性?来自不同地区的新思维、新视角可以为新加坡的学前华文教育发展带来哪些新思路? “新加坡学前教育论坛:多元化的学前教育---转变与更新”邀请多地学者专家在新跃社科大学提出他们的洞见与思路。或擦出学术的火花,或厘清实践的方向,为未來学前华文教育的发展找到可行、有序或具前瞻性的思想蓝图。​