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Learn Anytime, Anywhere, at Your Own Pace

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) offers degree programmes designed to suit fresh school leavers and working professionals.  No matter what stage of life you are in, SUSS empowers you with a flexible learning style and mode to realise your career aspirations through technology-enhanced learning resources. 

Blended e-Learning at SUSS

IMG_3112.jpgThe University alternate and 'blends' classroom interactions with remote learning such as instructor-guided self-study using a suite of print, multi-media, email and discussion forums. Lectures, tutorials and seminars also offer precious face-to-face sharing time with instructors, and peers from diverse professional and academic backgrounds. Students taking blended e-Courses access learning materials via electronic means, supplemented by some face-to-face seminars. e-Courses are also designed to encourage collaborative learning, where students contribute to meaningful discussions via instructor-facilitated online forums and virtual classroom systems.

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Fully-online Courses at SUSS

For enhanced flexibility, SUSS also offers students a selection of fully-online courses as part of their undergraduate curriculum. While the courses are conducted fully online, with no face-to-face instruction, they are of the same academic standards and quality curriculum as our on-campus education. These fully-online courses feature an assortment of virtual learning tools, interactive activities and other resources that are designed to keep students fully engaged in an exclusively online learning environment. Guidance and support are provided by experienced online instructors via weekly virtual office hours, discussion forums and email.​