Ang Zi Wei Belinda
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 Ang Zi Wei Belinda

NTUC Sponsorship Recipient, Graduate, BSc Business
​Tax Officer, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) ​

"Continuing one's education has become more of a 'need' than a 'want' as we constantly try to improve and upgrade ourselves to stay relevant and competent. However, as a working adult, juggling work, studies and social life is not really a piece of cake. And that is why I chose the University to further my education.

The University has a wide range of courses which made it easy to choose one that is most suitable for me. The programme is flexible and is structured in a way that I am able to pursue my education, while at the same time balancing my career and social responsibilities. One aspect that stands out most is that the programme draws on work-based examples which make it all the more relevant to working professionals. 

Being awarded with the NTUC sponsorship is an honour and I am glad that I made the right choice to continue my education journey with the University."