Ong Choon Cheng
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 Ong Choon Cheng

Graduate, BA Translation & Intepretation

"I embarked on this programme almost immediately after returning from a year in the States. I was looking to learn something new through a structured programme that would help to keep me on track, and I found it in the University's part-time degree programmes. 

I wanted to continue learning to improve my skills and knowledge. Furthermore, this process of life-long learning helps me remain humble as I struggle through each learning challenge. As adult learners with multiple responsibilities and commitments, adjustments to our lifestyle are needed, to make time and resources to support our learning efforts before embarking on a part-time degree programme. 

Good planning goes a long way in keeping stress levels down and ensuring other aspects of our lives are not affected by our decisions. 

Translation and Interpretation programme not only equipped me with the requisite translation and interpretation skills, it also gave me a better understanding of the difference in expressions by Mandarin speakers and English speakers, which is helpful in ensuring more effective communication and minimising misunderstandings. 

My journey has been made easier by the Scholarship scheme, for which I am grateful, as it allowed me to channel my finances to other needs in my life."