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 Corporate Office

Adva​ncement Office

The Advancement Office spearheads SUSS's development by working closely with the schools and departments to further the philanthropic intent and goals of the University, and is responsible for the cultivation and stewardship of donors and prospects.

Business Intelligence & Analytics​

The Business Intelligence & Analytics​ Department promotes a culture of data-driven and evidence-based decision making and planning in SUSS by spearheading its digital warehousing, institutional research, reporting and analytics efforts.​

Communications & Marketing

The Communications & Marketing Department leads the university's strategic brand, communications and marketing strategy including media relations, crisis communications, corporate social responsibility, and internal communications.

External Relations

The Office of External Relations develops, coordinates and facilitates strategic partnerships in Singapore and beyond on behalf of SUSS.​

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Department spearheads Human Resource Management and Development initiatives and processes in alignment with SUSS's goals.

Planning and Finance

The Planning and Finance Department supports the development of SUSS's corporate plan and oversees resource planning and budget allocation, including formulating, reviewing and analysing the University's budgets and fee policies.

Quality Assurance Unit

The Quality Assurance Unit has the mandate to foster a quality culture in SUSS​ that seeks to continually improve the University's provision of academic and administrative services. For this purpose, the unit operates a system of quality reviews for the schools and departments.​​