Publications 出版刊物

 Publications 出版刊物

SUSS​ Humanities Series

Chief Editor: Professor Eddie C. Y. Kuo

Volume 1: Contemporary Chinese Literature in Singapore and Malaysia
Editor: Luo Futeng

​This volume contains nine​ theses​ written by graduates of SUSS Chinese degree and Master programmes. The contents are divided into two broad categories. The first category examines the thoughts and developments of the different genres of Chinese literature in Singapore and Malaysia. Examples are the influence of the Nanyang University Poetry Society on the Singapore Chinese literature scene and the struggle of the 'left-wing' Malayan Chinese literature. The second category covers the analysis of the Chinese literature written by authors from Singapore and Malaysia. These authors include Yeng Pway Ngon, Chen Qing Shan, Shang Wan Yun, Xi Ni'er, Lim Lian Geok, Ly Sing Ko and Tham Yew Chin. The writers being novice critics, they are able to present a refreshing perspective in the analysis. (Total 346 pages, Price: S$20)

Volume 2: Chinese Language Usages in Singapore
Editor: Luo Futeng

The eight theses in this volume delve on the usage of Chinese language in Singapore context. The topics discussed include conversational Chinese, Chinese nomenclature for residential buildings and signages; complimentary and condolence messages in Chinese newspapers, Chinese language broadcasting, assessment of translation, etc.

In what ways do the Mandarin or Chinese dialect speaking patients converse with doctors? What are the characteristics of the Chinese nomenclature of the residential buildings in Singapore? What sociolinguistics can you observe from the Chinese names used by the hawker stalls? How has the usage of the congratulatory and condolence messages in the Chinese newspapers changed over the years? How should the English-Chinese translation in Singapore being assessed? The explanations and answers to the above questions can all be found in this volume. These articles have not only expanded the extent of applied research on Chinese language in Singapore but also provided useful suggestions on its usages. (Total 328 pages, Price: S$20)

Volume 3: Chinese Language Education in Singapore
Editor: Luo Futeng

The main research theme of the eight dissertations in this volume is on the developments and changes of the policies, curriculum and assessment of the Chinese language textbooks used in primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges over the past decades.

The compilation of the local Chinese language textbooks is an important component of the Chinese language teaching system. What changes have the primary schools' general Chinese language and higher Chinese language textbooks undergone over the past decades? How did the secondary school Chinese language textbooks evolve in tandem with the changes in government's language policies? What are the changes in the classical Chinese essays used in junior colleges? The teachers have put in immense efforts in the compilation and research of Chinese language. We trust you will be able to have a clearer picture of the answers to the above questions after reading this volume.

The authors of this volume have all gone through the local education system and hence have a good grasp of the developments of the Chinese language textbooks in Singapore. (Total 262 pages, Price: S$16)

Volumn 4: A Study of the Changing Perceptions of China in Singapore and Malaysia, 1949-1965
Author: Lu Hu
Singapore/Malaysia and China experienced political transformations during the period of 1949 to 1965. The flow of migrants, investment, goods and printings declined significantly while the exchange of ideas and concepts assumed an unprecedented vitality and became the main form of interaction. The emergence of various changing perceptions of China such as 'New China', 'Communist China' and 'Rising Asian Power' among the Chinese in Singapore/Malaysia became a prominent element of such phenomena. The presence, changes and conflicts of these perceptions of China were internalised as dynamic forces, influencing to varying extents racial relations, political evolution, cultural integration, foreign policy and even the formation of Malaysia in 1963. This book thus suggests new understandings of the role of the China factor in the post-war history of Singapore and Malaysia. (Total 340 pages, Price: S$22)​

Volume 5: The Old Supreme and Civilised Empire: Images of Great Britain as Portrayed by Karl F. A. Gützlaff (1803-1851)
Author: David K Y Chng

Karl F. A. Gützlaff (1803-1851) was by far the most colourful and controversial Protestant missionary. He played an important role in Sino-Western relations during the first half of the nineteenth century, as a historian put it, "for two decades, [he] had a part in almost every major event on the China coast". He was a prolific writer. Besides works written in English, Dutch and German, he produced 63 Chinese religious and secular works.

In 1867 Alexander Wylie produced a comprehensive bibliography of Protestant writings in Chinese entitled Memorials of Protestant Missionaries to the Chinese. The bibliography lists a Chinese title Da Yingguo tongzhi (A history of Great England) written by Gützlaff. Almost one and a half century later we realised that this piece of information needed to be rectified. As a matter of fact, Gützlaff wrote two separate works with the identical title Da Yingguo tongzhi. One, written in the form of fiction, depicts governmental, religious and other aspects of England in the 1830s, while the other, written in the form of prose, chronicles the history of England from the conquest of Britannia by the Romans to the times of William IV (reigned 1830-37). A copy of the former is available in the Harvard-Yenching Library while a copy, believes to be the only copy exists in the world, of the latter is housed at the Leeds University Library

The monograph consists of two parts. Part I deals with dates of composition and years and places of publication of both Da Yingguo tongzhi. It also examines the politics of translation of two terms appear in both History of Great England. Under the Qing Celestial Empire institution, Great Britain, together with other tributary countries such as Korea, Ryukyu and Vietnam, was regarded as a small country, and her ruler was deemed equivalent to a Chinese courtier of the second rank. In order to uphold its honour and prestige, Gützlaff adopted the referent "Da-Ying(guo)" , literally "Great England", to place England on an equal footing with the Da-Qing (Great Qing) discursively. He also translates the title of the British monarch "king" as "huangdi 皇帝" (emperor) in Chinese. It then discusses the political implications and impact of the uses of both translated terms that eventually contributed to the demise of the Qing Celestial Empire discourse. Part II presents readers with modern punctuated editions of the two Da Yingguo tongzhi with annotations. (Total 268 pages. Price: S$22)

Chinese Enterprises and Communities Monograph Series

Chief EditorEddie C.Y. Kuo

Volume 1: Prime Group International: The Study of a 'Corporate Family'
Author: Chung Yun-ying

This case study explores how Prime Group International through the principles of Confucianism transforms itself from a ‘family business” to become a ‘corporate family’.

Led by its chairman, Mr Tan Hong Khoon, Prime Group International started with running Prime Supermarket in Singapore. Over the years, it gradually ventured into various overseas businesses, ranging from resort and hospitality, golf course, agriculture, real estate, education to wellness and healthcare.

Mr Tan firmly believes that ‘family’ forms the basis of all societies and when the family is not well managed, it becomes the source of many problems in the modern society. He attributes the success of his businesses to the adoption of a good set of house rules, fairness, justice, openness and lead by example. These are basically Confucian in nature.  Meanwhile, the author also highlights the contribution of some key female family members in maintaining a harmonious relationship in the family. With the expansion of the business, and through application of Confucian ideals, Prime Group International has transformed itself to become a “corporate family”, whereby corporate employees are instilled with a sense of identity and become part of the extended family. (Total 118 pages. Price: S$12)

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在中国近代史上,普鲁士新教传教士郭实猎(Karl Friedrich August Gützlaff,1803-1851)是个颇为重要和具争议性的人物。其后半生"二十年里几乎参与过中国沿海每一个重大事件",对中英两国的外交纷争扮演着举足轻重的角色。他一生译著中文书刊凡63种,对晚清经世学者的世界史地,以及太平天国的宗教思想有着显著的影响。1867年刊行的伟烈亞力《基督教新教在华传教士名录》记载郭实猎著有《大英国统志》一种。将近一个半世纪后,我们始发现这则信息必须修正。其实,郭氏著有二种同名异书《大英国统志》:一是学界均知道的,以小说体裁写成、记述英国概况,目前庋藏于美国哈佛大学哈佛燕京图书馆;另一是以散文撰写,今天仍静荡荡躺卧在英国利兹大学图书馆里。后一种由新嘉坡坚夏书院于1838/39年印刷问世,是世界上第一部以中文书写的英国史地书。唯自刊行后177年,就被尘埋,学者未知未闻,今日所见殆海内外仅有之孤本。是书之重现对新加坡中文印刷出版史,意义重大;它帮助我们厘清郭实猎译著的一些疑问。本书即是对这二部异书同名《大英国统志》进行较为深入的研究。




第一册: 《国际元立集团“企业家族”信念之探讨》​