Assessment and Examination
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 Assessment and Examination

What is the weightage of continuous assessment and examinations?

Most undergraduate courses have a 50:50 assessment strategy, i.e. continuous assessment component constitutes 50% of the overall grade and the balance 50% is from the examination component. Some undergraduate courses have 30:70 assessment strategy. Students must pass both components to pass a course. For graduate courses, the assessment strategy varies from course to course.

What constitutes the assessment component?

The continuous assessment can be one or a combination of the following:
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Case Studies
  • Laboratory reports
  • Project reports
The examination component can be:
  • Written examination
  • Oral examination, or
  • Project/dissertation reports

Singapore University of Social Sciences uses a 5–point GPA system to track a student’s progress at programme level over the semesters of active study, where he/she has registered for courses. For continuation of study in the programme, a student must obtain satisfactory progress during his/her candidature.

How do I submit my assignment?

You are required to submit your assignments online through Canvas by the given cut-off date stipulated.  Please note that there will be a mark deduction for late submissions.

When will examinations be held?

For undergraduate courses, examinations are usually held in the month of May (for January semester) and November (for July semester). For graduate courses, examinations are held in the 6th week of the 7-week study cycle.

How do I gain access to the examinations details?

You can retrieve the examination details such as examination dates and venue of examination from the students' portal.

Where will the examinations be conducted?

Student will take examinations at our campus or other designated venues as specified by Singapore University of Social Sciences​.​​