Challenge Examination (CEX)
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 Challenge Examination (CEX)

Who can register to take CEX?

Interested members of the public may apply to take CEX from February 2014 onwards. New students enrolling to Singapore University of Social Sciences​ from July 2014 intake onwards may also apply to take CEX.  


Is there a fee for taking CEX?

Yes, there is a non-refundable registration fee of $171.20 / $224.70 (inclusive of GST) for taking CEX for a 5 / 10 credit unit course respectively.

When and how do I register for CEX? When must I complete CEX?

​CEX Examination​​​ ​Application Period
​Month of May ​1 February to 31 March
Month of November ​1 August to 30 September
You have to submit an online registration for CEX here​.

Are there resources or help available for those who register for CEX?

Study guides and sample examination question papers from the immediate past semester will be made available to you via the CEX portal after you have registered for your CEX.  

How do I get credit recognition for the CEX taken?

Upon enrolment to Singapore University of Social Sciences undergraduate programme, a passed CEX course will be granted credit recognition (CN) on condition that the course is: 1) relevant to programme of study and 2) subject to a maximum limit of 60 credit units.

Is there a validity period for CEX to be considered as CN?

A passed CEX course will be considered for CN as long as it is relevant to the programme of study, i.e. the course is part of the programme's curriculum (excluding retired courses which are no longer available for study).

For more details, please click on Challenge Examination​.