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 Student Awards

I am keen to apply for an award. How can I submit an application?

You are advised to click on the individual links to find out more about the award you are interested in and view the e-guide before applying.

You may apply through:
  • Singapore University of Social Sciences​ website
  • Student portal (via e-Services if you are a current student)
  • Together with admissions e-application 

Do I have to pay application fee?

There is no application fee for student award application.

Note: For new students, you must submit your admission e-application first before submitting your application for the Student Awards. Each admission e-application will have a non-refundable application fee of S$64.20.

Can I apply for more than one Student Awards?

You may only apply for either:
  • A Scholarship or
  • A Sponsorship or
  • Financial Aid Grant or
  • A Scholarship + Financial Aid or
  • A Sponsorship + Financial Aid

Who is eligible and what are the terms and conditions?

You may click on the links below for the details on eligibility and terms and conditions governing each award:

​Do I have to attend any interview?

Only shortlisted candidates are required to attend an interview. Shortlisted candidates will be notified via email by end April (July Semester) / October (January Semester) on the interview details.

When will I know the application outcome?

Only successful candidates will be notified via email. For July semester, notification will be sent by mid-November and for January semester, notification will be sent by mid-May.

Can I know the reason for not being selected? Can I appeal against the decision?

The decision of the Student Awards Committee is final and binding, and no reasons will be given for non-selection of unsuccessful candidates. No appeals will be entertained.

I was not successful in my previous application for Scholarship or Sponsorship, may I put in another application?

Previously unsuccessful candidates need not re-apply.

Is Study Grant automatically granted every semester for successful candidates?

Study Grants are granted on a semester basis and you may re-apply for consideration if you need financial assistance.​​​​​