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About 1SUSS

1SUSS is a dynamically elected group of student voices that is autonomous from the University Administration mainly in terms of operations. This group consists of innovative and aspirational leaders who come together to voice out the community's needs and wants while aligning with different stakeholders.

Student leaders from various faculty student groups and non-faculty student groups volunteer to come together as student representatives to address the concerns of their fellow undergraduate members. The common goal is to champion initiatives for students by students through regular feedback sessions, fireside chats and focus group discussions. The community of student voices is spearheaded by the 1SUSS Executive Committee (1SUSS EXCO).

Mission statement: Listening and championing initiatives that foster the growth of a cohesive community

Vision statement: A unified community for a better SUSS

Focus points for 2023 

  • To focus on extending our reach to SUSS Community through the following signature events:
    • Student surveys
    • Focus group interviews
    • Academic fireside chats
    • Dialogue sessions on learning infrastructure
  • To establish 1SUSS in the coming year create ground presence by spearheading annual activities like the Student Group Fair during January and July Orientation days
  • To represent SUSS student voices on a platform where students’ needs and wants will be heard and communicated to the appropriate channels and avenues – for example through the Inter-University Network (IUN)
  • To create a holistic and inclusive learning and growing space for all SUSS Students - Part-time, Full-time, Continuing Education and Training (CET), International and Special needs students


1SUSS Structure

1SUSS 2023 Committee

1SUSS 2023 Committee

LinkedIn: 1SUSS - Community of Student Voices
Instagram: @one.suss

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