Humanities and Social Sciences Student Engagement Activities (HSSEA)


Humanities and Social Science Student Engagement Activities (HSSEA) is an event organised by Centre for University Core, which aims to cultivate a strong learning culture amongst SUSS students.

The HSSEA event offers students a variety of interesting and highly interactive activities (i.e. talks, workshops and reading groups) to explore topics in humanities and social sciences beyond the formal curriculum.

Students like you can expect to:

  1. Interact with peers and lecturers to explore social issues through faculty-guided activities/discussions
  2. Learn to apply critical thinking skills and adopt an interdisciplinary lens to understand social issues
  3. Be part of the community to initiate meaningful dialogues and drive frontier research projects


Event Details

HSSEA Registration Slide Cropped

*Registration for the event is now closed. If you have registered for the event, you will be receiving the confirmation email soon.

Due to current COVID-19 measures, this event will be conducted fully online via zoom. The zoom links for the event has been included in the confirmation email.

Materials used during HSSEA

Information about HSSEA and the Programme Synopsis as well as the slides/materials used by the speakers can be found here.


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