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Entrepreneurial Work Attachment

Apart from Work Attachments with a company, you can also choose to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with us and start your Entrepreneurial Work Attachment (E-WA). Similar to work attachments with a company, this will be a guided process over 6 months with a Work Attachment supervisor.


To apply for the E-WA, applicants are required to attend an interview and/or make a pitch to determine their readiness and suitability for the E-WA.

The application should be made to and comprise of:

  1. One-page Business Overview (Lean Business Model Canvas or similar)
    A clear overview of the problem and solution statement, unique value proposition, customer segments and market size, marketing strategy, revenue streams and cost structure.
  2. Business Pitch Deck
    Including more contextual information about the business the student is building, and why it has the potential to succeed
  3. 6-month milestones
    The next 6-month milestones plan shall serve as an overview of the student’s work during the course of the E-WA. The starting date of the Plan shall be the starting date of the E-WA.
  4. Team Background
    No business is done without support. The student shall provide information on team members and external mentors.

Students are also strongly encouraged to propose a mentor as their WA supervisor. The mentor could be part of an external incubator or accelerator programme that the student has been accepted in or an industry expert.

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