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Non-Academic Pre-requisites

Pre-requisitesHow to Fulfil?
a) Academic Pre-requisite courses relevant to the job scope of WA they are contracting with the Host OrganizationThe list of the respective Academic Pre-requisites can be found here.
b) Completed and passed Risk Assessment Management System (RAMS) course

You may login to your CEL Portal to check whether you have completed it under My Detail.

If you have not, please email Office of Student Life to receive the link to complete it.

c) Achieved 80% score for the following compulsory non-academic courses:
  1. Digital & Data Literacy*
  2. Sustainable Development in the Workplace*
  3. Engaging responsibly with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning*
  4. Entrepreneurial Mindset

*You may check the fulfillment status via CEL Portal(Your name on the top right > My Details) one month after the closed deadline.  

(i), (ii) and (iii) will be available online via Canvas every semester with a Specified Opening Period. Please refer to the projected timeline uploaded on your CEL Portal under Shared Documents.

d) Cover Letter and Resume approved by CareerDev Mentor via the CEL Portal.Students are highly encouraged to attend CDO152 to learn how to write good cover letter and resume. Please refer to the Upcoming Events Calendar for the available runs.
e) For self-sourced WA, job description has been approved by your Mentor and CareerDev.Students who wish to do a self-sourced WA need to ensure that the JD has been approved by CareerDev by uploading to the CEL Portal for it to be considered as their official WA.




1) I have passed some of the quizzes last semester. Do I need to do them again?

You do not need to re-do the quiz if you have passed. If you are unsure of which pre-requisite you have not completed, please check the CEL Portal (under My Details).

2) I have attempted WA001/WA002/WA003 quiz three (3) times and still did not get pass, can I still go for my WA?

You are only eligible for WA after you have fulfilled all the pre-requisites.

If you have failed all three times this time round, please attempt the quiz next semester when we re-open again. Please refer to the projected timeline uploaded on your CEL Portal under Shared Documents to see when you can re-attempt.

3) I have passed my WA001, WA002 and WA003, but CEL Portal is still showing as "No".

Results for this opening period will only be mass updated on CEL Portal one month after the closed deadline.

If you have passed last semester and result is reflected wrongly, please email CDO to double check.

4) When is the next Quiz Opening Period?

Please refer to the projected timeline uploaded on your CEL Portal under Shared Documents.

5) Can I attempt the quizzes next semester?

You may, so long as you are sure that you can pass before your WA commencement date.

6) Do I have to complete all the pre-requisites in one semester?No, it's not necessary to do everything in one semester. In fact, we advise you to plan your time and space out your quiz attempts. Hence, Please refer to the projected timeline on your CEL Portal and plan ahead.
7) How do I clear WA004?Students have 2 options to clear their WA004:
1. Complete course (on Canvas – available anytime)
2. Participate in a curated competition/hackathon/event (Reach out to Entrepreneurship team for such opportunities, or keep a look out for their bi-weekly newsletter)
Students' WA004 statuses will be updated quarterly (March, June, September, December). For example, if a student completes WA004 on Canvas in February, his/her WA004 requirement will be cleared in March.




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