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What Your Peers Say

Alexis Poh

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
Resourcing Intern at Keppel Corporation
Jan 2020 to Jun 2020

Learning something new every day - Working at Keppel Corporation is filled with learning opportunities every day. I was entrusted with the responsibility and autonomy to lead and oversee various engagement projects and initiatives, such as the Keppel Internship Programme for early-talent recruitment.

As a resourcing intern under the centre of excellence of a multi-national corporation, I had many opportunities to network and deal with businesses across industries. These experiences honed my project management abilities and allowed me to develop transferable skill sets such as strategic thinking and interpersonal skills that are useful in my long-term personal development.

People and connections - Without a doubt, this work attachment has sharpened my business acumen and readiness for the global workforce. I am immensely grateful for a supportive and nurturing team on this learning journey. Their unceasing encouragement pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to assume a greater role. I was empowered to lead discussions, host several events and implement solutions to enhance service efficiency. Besides gaining real-life corporate experience, another big takeaway was the long-term connections which I had forged over time. These amazing people helped me gain a deeper understanding of my personal strengths, enabling me to make an informed career decision in the future.

Their belief in me - Even though it is a huge corporate organization, Keppel treats their interns like full-time employees. I was assigned meaningful tasks which were beneficial for my growth and my contributions were also recognised by my superiors. One of my most memorable projects was the “Intern-Net” graduation celebration. In view of the work from home arrangement, I initiated the idea of a virtual ceremony to bid farewell and thank the interns for their hard work. Not only did I receive positive response from my team, I got their full support in steering this project on my own. The trust bestowed on me made me feel really valued and instilled a sense of importance to my role. The time and effort working on this project resulted in some of the most valuable learning and fulfilling experiences of my internship.

AlexisAlexis Poh (2nd last row, in short hair) with her colleagues

Zee Celine

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor
Logistics Administration Intern at Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
Dec 2019 to Jun 2020

I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to hold an internship position in logistics at Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd. In the six months, I gained a deeper understanding of warehousing and inventory management practices and systems from numerous visits to Bosch’s external warehouse and had the chance to participate in business meetings with associates from different countries. Looking back, it was undoubtedly a great learning journey that has prepared me well for my future career by giving me a clearer view of what it means to be in the professional world. I am grateful to all the supervisors and colleagues in the logistics department for their guidance and patience in mentoring me, and to the warehouse team for their continuous support as well as for enlightening me with their knowledge and experience of warehouse operations. It has been my privilege to work in the logistics department of Robert Bosch. This has indeed been a memorable and fruitful internship journey, one that I will never forget.

CelineZee Celine (front row, 4th from left) with her colleagues

Dong Xinru

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
Marketing Intern at Singtel
Dec 2019 to May 2020


Enriching and fulfilling - In general, the work attachment experience at Singtel was a great one! It was an enriching and fulfilling learning journey as I was exposed to both marketing and operations during my stint. Being invited to join or simply sit in various different meetings broadened my perspectives and deepened my industry knowledge. I picked up essential skills from two vastly different job scopes, which I believe will benefit me in the future.

Patient and approachable managers - I am very thankful to have extremely patient and approachable managers who willingly taught me all I needed to know. Inevitably, because I was new, I made mistakes at work and some were even ‘fatal’ mistakes. However, I was grateful that my supervisors allowed room for mistakes instead of criticizing me. They encouraged me by telling me that it was all right to make mistakes as everyone does that; what was more crucial was that we learn from the mistake and of course, do not repeat the same mistake. I kept their advice in mind and over time, I was indeed able to avoid making the same mistakes.

Great team - Another point worth mentioning is the open culture within the team, and the strong team spirit and good relationships fostered between my colleagues and me. Communication was never an issue even as we interacted and collaborated with other departments.

Personal growth - Personally, I have really grown and developed a better understanding of myself. I have also developed essential life skills such as time and stress management, and a higher level of self-confidence during the six months of work attachment. The constant challenges I faced filled me with self-doubt initially but through perseverance, I proved to myself that I indeed had the capability to accomplish my tasks well.

Desiree Tay

Bachelor of Accountancy
Audit Intern at BDO LLP, Singapore
Dec 2019 to May 2020

Goh Jia Lin

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor
Ocean Freight Operation Excellence Intern at DB Schenker
Dec 2019 to May 2020

Goh Jia Lin

In December 2019, I took up a 6-month work attachment in the Ocean Freight Operations Excellence department at Schenker Singapore. It turned out to be one of the most insightful and rewarding learning experiences I have had thus far.

Schenker Singapore is a third-party logistics (3PL) company that supports industry and trade in the global exchange of goods through land transport, worldwide air and ocean freight, contract logistics and supply chain management. They provide value-added services that ensure the flow of goods continues seamlessly and supply chains stay lean and optimized for success.

I joined Schenker Singapore with an open mind and the goal to learn about the developments in this industry. As an operations excellence intern, I was able to learn about several of Schenker’s advancement plans as I was primarily responsible for contributing to the on-going process improvement projects in Ocean Freight. One of my main responsibilities involved the investigation and identification of the cause(s) of the issues in the projects, recording of my findings down along with proposed solutions for the issues and reporting it back to my manager for further action. Working on these process-improvement projects, I had the opportunity to learn about the details of the entire process chain in the ocean freight operations and how they are performed on the Transport Management System (TMS). Additionally, working on the projects has provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with colleagues beyond my department, which has helped me to start building a professional network. Through this work attachment, I was able to further hone my technical skills and soft skills such as problem solving and communication.

Due to Covid-19, adapting to the work-from-home arrangements during these trying times also taught me the importance of agility on both a corporate and personal front. I am extremely grateful to have been under the guidance of Min Ke and Cindy, both of whom have been nothing short of patient and nurturing since the start. They have taught me so much about the industry by sharing their knowledge and personal experiences. Not only did they trust me to work independently, they were always ready to offer guidance whenever I required help and never hesitated to show their appreciation for my efforts. Even though I was just an intern, I have always felt valued and respected by my team. That has motivated me to want to perform better and contribute true value to the company. As a result, I was able to learn more independently and more importantly, prepare myself for the workforce by developing greater self-confidence.

Thanks to Schenker Singapore and everyone that I have met and worked with during the course of my work attachment, I have developed a new sense of professionalism and a deeper understanding of myself, which will unquestionably serve me well in the long run. This experience has opened up my perspective and understanding of the freight forwarding industry, which has helped me to develop a clearer vision of where I would like to work and the type of work that I would enjoy doing in my future career.

Nadea Z Merchant

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics with Minor
Data Analytics Intern at Dentsu Aegis Network
Aug 2019 to Feb 2020


At SUSS, application centric learning has been a key focus of all my modules. As a Business Analytics major, I have had the chance to not only develop a strong business foundation but also gain exposure into all the avenues in which analytics can be used to resolve business problems or shape decision making processes. I realise how immensely applicable, relevant and valuable analytics is to any industry.

Armed with my theoretical knowledge, I decided to search for an internship in a field that I have great passion for and managed to secure the position of Data Analytics Intern at one of the biggest media agencies in the world - Dentsu Aegis Network. During my six-month long internship, I learnt something new each day. I attended various training sessions led by industry experts and got the chance to learn about marketing platforms from the platform representatives themselves. This helped me deepen my understanding of the industry and gain greater context about advertising trends and opportunities. I learnt how campaigns can be optimised and how businesses can make use of different platforms to reach out to specific target audiences or attain a certain objective. This was extremely helpful in improving the way I extracted actionable insights from data to provide recommendations for the client and better prepared me for my role.

My responsibilities included reporting on the client’s campaign performance, cleaning data that I obtained from various platforms, working together with local and international teams, and highlighting recommendations and advice to improve campaign performance. This allowed me to put into practice the technical skills I had learnt in school and refine them. I am now confident in my ability to handle large datasets and in leading client presentations. At the same time, I have deepened my understanding of advertising terminology and the how to maximise advertising budgets or achieve key performance indicators. In addition, I had the chance to be part of a fun and vibrant work culture. I helped organise the company’s Christmas CSR activity, forged long-lasting friendships, and expanded my professional network. Interning at Dentsu has been a highlight of my university experience and I consider myself lucky having been able to learn from such inspirational mentors.

Chanelle Hsu Yueh

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics with Minor
Product Consulting Intern at Tableau Software
Jul 2019 to Dec 2019


If I could pick out the most memorable experience of my university life, it would be my internship with Tableau.

For someone who was just starting out in analytics, Tableau was like a breath of fresh air. My time there helped me understand that data, too, can be vibrant and, most importantly, fun. I entered the company with nothing but a curious mind and an endearing love for the software and was received with warmth by the lovely Product Consultant team. I was entrusted with the same responsibility as those of full-time Product Consultants – to be fervent advocates of the software to clients across various industries. At Tableau, my eyes were opened to the diverse use cases of the software in MNCs, start-ups and government organizations.

I worked with companies like Grab, Zilingo and Standard Chartered Bank, creating impactful analytical solutions to help them in the long run. I was also given the unique opportunity to venture internally and embed technical solutions into operations for teams within Tableau. These experiences helped sharpen my business acumen, honing my ability to quickly understand business problems and translating them into data analytics requirements. Beyond these opportunities, Tableau also showed me the importance of company culture. I had the privilege to work with some of the brightest minds who embodied the meaning of “Work Hard, Play Harder”. These are the most wonderful people I have met in the corporate world so far; they’ve given me multiple challenges and opportunities and never once hesitated to share their knowledge with me to support my professional development.

Neo Yew Ron

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
Business Development Intern at Techspace Co., Ltd
Jun 2019 to Nov 2019

Yew RonNeo Yew Ron (extreme right) at a Start-up Summit

An overseas internship has always been something I wanted to experience and upon discovering a work attachment opportunity in Bangkok, Thailand, I submit my application immediately. My WA in Bangkok was an interesting and exciting experience both professionally and culturally. I was provided the opportunity to launch a startup in a business development role. Beyond that, I was seen as a key integral founding member and was empowered I with the autonomy in decision making and planning the business direction.

As a result of my role and startup nature of the company, my tasks varied from building partnership, client acquisition and recruitment. While the modules I taken in school prepared me with theoretical foundations, there are situations and tasks where I need to figure my way out on my own. For instance, a university education would not be able to provide you with the roadmap to launch a startup. Hence, it required me to analyse the current company situation, business model, competition, and resources available to develop a feasible development roadmap for the company.

Besides gaining work experience, I also took away an understanding of numerous aspects of Thailand. These includes the Thai startup landscape, the influence and strength of Singaporean business community in Bangkok and the socio-cultural understanding of Thai society that shape employee-employer relationship and employee attitudes. However, the biggest takeaway are the friendship and relationships forged with my colleagues.

My overseas stint in Thailand has shown me the deep admiration the Thais have of Singaporeans and a deeper appreciation of the Thai culture. The culture immersion also surpass what tourists would typically get due to the duration and interaction with Thai locals. Hence, if anyone had the opportunity to do their WA overseas, I would strongly encourage them to take it up as it would probably be a once in a lifetime experience.

Neo Yew RonNeo Yew Ron (2nd row, 6th from left) with his colleagues

Leroy Lee

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor
Airfreight Pricing Intern at Kuehne and Nagel Singapore
Jun 2019 to Jan 2020

I did an Internship with Kuehne and Nagel Singapore at the national airfreight pricing department as a pricing intern.

Over the 7-month internship, I was able to apply the concepts taught in school and a glimpse into the transportation segment of many companies’ supply chain, which helped me to understand many concepts from letter of credit requirements under trade law, to negotiation strategies under procurement management.

With Kuehne and Nagel, I was also able to see and understand business strategies for freight forwarders in light of digital disruption, and the current challenges that they face in air and sea transportation. In addition, the independence given to me on my daily work allowed me to explore new ideas and concepts to provide much more competitive solutions for their customers. The e-learning modules that Kuehne Nagel provided also allowed me to actively learn, whenever I had some spare time, more about the company’s global operations and how it handled different types of cargo in accordance to International standards and regulations.

Being a multi-national company, Kuehne and Nagel also exposed me to working with people from countries all around the globe and to engage in discussions with them to bring about solutions for the different customers that they had, allowing me to further grow myself as a "Global Citizen".

LeroyLeroy Lee (3rd from left) with his colleagues

Wong Chang Ting

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor
Continuous Improvement Assistant at Becton, Dickinson and Company
Jun 2019 to Dec 2019


I have always been interested in Supply Chain Management in the healthcare field. I was privileged to be attached to Becton, Dickinson and Company as a Continuous Improvement Assistant for my Work Attachment. A shy and reserved person, I nonetheless decided to step out of my comfort zone and pursue a challenging role for the purpose of self-development. It took courage to apply for this role since there would be frequent interdepartmental interaction, as stated in the job description.

During the stint, I had many opportunities to collaborate with colleagues from multiple functional departments such as procurement, customer service and logistics in different projects executed by the various business units. At meetings, I had the chance to offer my input and contribute to ongoing projects. I was thankful that the team was open to suggestions even from an intern who lacked working experience. Through participating in those projects, I gained a better understanding of the entire supply chain and how each department interlinks with the other to process the flow of information, goods and finances. This understanding further solidifies my decision to pursue a career in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

I am grateful to my supervisor who had unyielding faith and trust in me, and who provided me with all the support I needed. She gave me opportunities to participate in projects such as the New Vendor Transition and Extension Project which widened my exposure to other organisational functions outside the Life Science Supply and Demand Planning team. I also appreciate that she took time out of her busy schedule to check in on me, making sure that I was adapting well and not overloaded with tasks.

The internship met all my expectations. I feel that I have grown professionally and personally, and I am now more confident of myself than before. For this, I have the supportive environment and team to thank; had it not been for them, I would not have been able to enjoy and optimize my learning experience.

Zuhra Anuar

Bachelor of Science in Marketing with Minor
Channel Marketing Intern at Robert Bosch
May 2019 to Dec 2019

A rewarding and fulfilling experience - My internship experience at Bosch was a rewarding and fulfilling one. Not only did it give me valuable insights I am certain will be useful in my future career, it also developed me personally in terms of my communication skills and professional work ethic. Working in such a diverse, highly motivated and enthusiastic department made my time at Bosch both stimulating and fun.

Learning on the job - This opportunity allowed me to experience first-hand work in the Marketing Analytics field and I was able to get a clearer idea of the career I aim to pursue, with a better understanding of the expectations and duties involved. I was given a variety of tasks, ranging from creating performance reports and preparing for important presentations to planning events. The hands-on work gave me the chance to apply theories learnt in school to real situations, enhancing my learning and allowing me to gain a much greater appreciation of these concepts. At every stage of my internship and with every task I was given, I felt that my input was valued and that my learning curve never stopped increasing. Being involved in discussions and meetings and getting regular feedback from my manager provided me with a holistic learning experience. The exposure to new ideas and perspectives has tremendously broadened my views and the lessons learnt were truly valuable, something that could not be taught in textbooks and classrooms. Through my internship, I built strong relationships with my colleagues and expanded my professional network. I assisted in organizing and planning the department’s annual conference, and I got the opportunity to meet and connect with associates from other countries. Attending the company’s Dinner and Dance also allowed me to network and meet even more colleagues and professionals. To this day, I still keep in touch with my colleagues and seek their advice on school projects and career options.

A well-rounded education - This internship was definitely essential as it connected the knowledge learnt in classrooms to actual applications, enabling me to have a well-rounded, comprehensive education. I have learnt so many valuable professional and life lessons, which have given me the confidence to join the workforce when I graduate. Most importantly, I left the internship feeling excited and passionate about marketing, and I know this is what I want to pursue.

ZuhraZuhra Anuar (seated on trishaw, in black) with her colleagues

Shawn Law

Bachelor of Accountancy
Analyst Intern at NIFCO Inc.
May 2017 to Nov 2017


The overseas work attachments (OWAs) in Hong Kong and Japan are among the best times and memories of my life. The people I met and the memories created throughout the OWAs are the most precious to me. And, not forgetting the unique experience of working in 2 different countries in 6 months. This experience has made me more independent, responsible and versatile. It has also enhanced some of my soft skills in communication, problem solving, adaptability and interpersonal relationship management. I believe these skills are very valuable and useful, especially in the work environment where one has to liaise with clients, colleagues, and managers on a regular basis.

The main reason for doing an OWA was the experience and exposure that I expected to gain, which are important in view of increasing globalisation, and which I did. The experience and exposure would also give me an edge in competing for opportunities abroad. Furthermore, it was an extremely rare opportunity to be offered stints in 2 different countries whilst working for the same company. The overall OWA was an amazing and beneficial journey for me.

Shawn LawShawn Law (5th from right) with her colleagues

Joy Poh

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor
Procurement Intern at Tapestry Inc
Aug 2018 to Feb 2019

The breaks at the end of each semester provided a much-needed reprieve for many students, me included. However, after the first few weeks I often found myself merely idling the time away. Not wanting to waste future semester breaks, I made it a point to find internships to fill these blocks of time. I quickly discovered that these internships were more fulfilling than I had initially thought.

Internships gave me the opportunity to explore new industries and potential career options. As the countdown towards my graduation approaches, the pressure to have concrete career plans has increased. Yet I was still uncertain about my post-graduation plans. “What are my strengths?” “What can I offer as an employee?” “What am I looking for in a career?” Though these questions weighed heavily on my mind, my internship experiences have actually given me more clarity on them. For instance, through my work experience, it occurred to me that I relied heavily on my organisational skills to liaise with multiple suppliers concurrently and I could add value to companies in the capacity of a procurement officer by sourcing for suppliers that would best meet their requirements. Regarding what I look for in a career, I learned that finding meaning in my work heavily influenced my job satisfaction.

In my most recent stint at Tapestry, I was offered a procurement internship as part of my Work Attachment (WA). It was exciting to be part of the international team behind modern luxury brands like Coach and Kate Spade. From my first day there, it was evident that there was something different about Tapestry. People I met seemed happy to be working there. Over time I realised it was because the organisation valued and believed in the development of each employee. Even as an intern, I was never made to feel like I was at the bottom of the organisational hierarchy or simply a cog in a corporate machine. Instead, an intern onboarding program was prepared for us. This included lunch with the senior management at which we shared what we worked on and were also encouraged to ask anything from career advice to work-related queries. The conversations validated our contributions as interns and left me with a sense of hopeful optimism that I too could one day be in their shoes.

At Tapestry, the purchasing function consists of different sub-categories and I belonged to the three-person global team for packaging. Compared to shorter internships I had undertaken during the semester breaks, I was able to learn more over seven months from participating in the entirety of the purchasing process, from sourcing to baseline creation, supplier visits, evaluation and negotiations. My supervisor also took the time to share with me how the value-addedness of procurement was not limited to cost-savings alone. Other procurement contributions include better meeting the needs of internal and external stakeholders, improved cash flow, reducing lead time and risk management. It was eye-opening to go through the supplier evaluation process and to understand how sourcing strategy comes into play.

Looking back, I can say that my Tapestry internship prepared me for my career, and I am thankful for all the people I met who made my time there such an enjoyable one. If you are about to begin your WA journey, approach it with an open mind and willingness to learn. Such experiences could allow you to realise your potential, discover your career aspirations and open new doors in the future – as it did for me.

JoyJoy Poh (center, seated) with her colleagues

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