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Our Inbound and Exchange Programmes provide visiting students an opportunity to gain valuable cross-cultural learning experiences in Singapore. We welcome students from all over the world to experience an interesting and rewarding intercultural exchange.  

As a student in one of our partner universities, spend a semester at SUSS, Singapore’s 6th Autonomous University, a college with an emphasis on lifelong, learner-centric and industry relevant education.  

SUSS currently offers more than 700 undergraduate courses that are available in full- and part-time study modes. Visiting students from our partner universities can select from a wide range of courses from the ten (10) full-time undergraduate degree study programmes.  

Join us at SUSS for a flexible and multi-faced learning experience guided by experienced academic and industry practitioners, grounded in robust curricula and methodologies centered on developing well-rounded future leaders. 

SUSS partners selected universities to promote and facilitate the student semester exchange programmes each year. As an exchange student, you will be enrolled full-time at SUSS while you are on the programme.  

As part of these collaborative agreements between the two institutions, visiting students who are enrolled in one of SUSS’ partner universities pay tuition fees to their home institution and enjoy a waiver of tuition fees at SUSS.  

At the moment, SUSS does not offer fee-paying semester exchange programmes and the acceptance of visiting students is limited to individuals enrolled in our partner universities.

For more information on Semester Exchange in SUSS, please click here.



Kansai - Visiting Programme 2

Our Inbound Short-Term Immersion Programmes combines immersive cultural activities and engagement with SUSS students, ensuring a well-rounded experience for every student.

Participants will engage in dynamic classroom discussions, workshops and even provide opportunities to collaborate on projects with SUSS students, who are passionate about fostering global citizenship and intercultural understanding.  Through our immersive educational experiences, we aim to foster intercultural learning, personal growth, and unforgettable memories. 

We understand that cultural immersion extends beyond the confines of the classroom. There will be a wide range of enriching activities and excursions that will provide a holistic perspective on the Singaporean society and our place in the world. 

SUSS Socio 23 - Part D

Sociovation is a portmanteau that blends “social” + “innovation” – a programme designed to imbue in our participants an empathy-driven approach to innovations in various sectors. 

Supported by Temasek Foundation, the first inaugural programme was held in March 2019, saw 70 youths from ASEAN and Singapore exploring on respective social themes and sustainability. Participants will attend design thinking workshops and mentorship sessions with SUSS faculty, local stakeholders and community partners in Singapore.   

Click hereto read about Sociovation 2023, which was held in July 2023 over 8 days. Where our participants had further refined and prototyped the ground-up focused on social media campaign ideas generated by 2022’s participants that address issues of internet fraud, fake news, and hate speech. 

We conduct a range of Hybrid Global Learning programmes to facilitate meaningful intercultural exchanges between SUSS students and students around the world. Our vision is for you to emerge with broader global awareness and strengthened empathy, and to build strong friendships across borders.

Explore our diverse programme offerings by themes:

1) Sustainable and Community Development
The #CONVERGE series brings students together to create lasting positive changes on the lives of communities around the region.

The Gig Academy for Regional Impact is specially designed for students to gain hands-on experience in tackling the digital marketing and e-commerce challenges of a social impact business. Students learn from industry experts, and use skills acquired to implement actual solutions for social enterprises in the region.

2) Global Early Childhood and Social Work Practices
Exploration of key factors that shape the early childhood and social work landscape around the world, including its historical, political, economic, social and cultural forces. Besides being introduced to the diverse approaches of how traditions and culture are introduced to young children, students also learn how pedagogies and best practices are adapted in their host countries.

3) Regional Cultural Exploration
The Cultural Exchange Programme brings together students from SUSS and another ASEAN country virtually. Students learn a beginner ASEAN language, form connections with peers overseas, experience new cultures and become part of a regional community through experiential learning activities and facilitated conversations. Destinations of interest include Indonesia and Vietnam, with more countries to be added in the future.


For more information about the courses or programmes offered under the Office of Global Programmes, drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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