Incoming International Student Exchange Programme

If you are an undergraduate at one of SUSS’s Partner Universities, you can study at SUSS for 1 semester as part of our bilateral Semester Exchange Programme. Subject to your home university’s approval, you may receive the corresponding credits for the courses you studied and completed at SUSS. 

Visiting students on the semester exchange with SUSS are required to study full-time, which is an average of 30 credit units (cu), or six 5 cu courses. Students are required to select up to 12 courses as part of their application, in case of any timetable or examination clashes. As students are not guaranteed places in any course, it is recommended that you select the maximum number of courses to ensure that you are allocated the minimum number of courses (15 cu) required for a Student Pass in Singapore. 

At SUSS we believe that everyone can be a force for positive change. That is why our programmes are designed differently. Our curriculum equips you with the qualities of “Head”, “Heart” and “Habit” that enables you to reach your goals while making a positive impact in society.

With a vast selection of courses from the humanities to the sciences, from art appreciation to trade operations and python programming, SUSS offers exchange students courses from the following 4 schools:

  1. School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences 
  2. School of Business 
  3. S R Nathan School of Human Development 
  4. School of Science and Technology 

For the detailed syllabi of our courses, click here

Please scroll to the bottom of each course page and click the ‘Full-time Programmes’ / ‘Part-time Programmes/CET Courses’ icon to download the course syllabus. Please note that some courses require students to take and pass the pre-course quizzes before the course(s) commence(s). Students will not be able to further attempt the course if they do not hit the passing score for the pre-course quizzes.  

For information on courses that are not open to exchange students, click here.

To find out more about our campus location in Singapore, visit our Locations page.

There are 2 regular semesters and 1 special semester in a year: 

  • January semester: from January to April 
  • July semester: from August to November 

A typical 5 cu course will have 18 contact hours, comprising 6 weeks of 3-hour classes. For selected courses, this can go up to 24 contact hours, comprising 8 weeks of 3-hour classes. Most courses will be conducted in the regular semesters with classes spread out across a 12-week period. 

Interested Semester Exchange Applicants should: 

  • Be nominated for an exchange place by their home university. 
  • Have completed at least 1 semester of undergraduate studies before enrolment at SUSS and must continue to be registered at your home university throughout your exchange at SUSS. 
  • Not be in your graduating semester or year while on exchange at SUSS.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.3 over a 5-point scale. 
  • Proficiency in English to benefit from your studies at SUSS. The medium of instruction at SUSS is English (except for certain courses).  
  • IELTS (Academic) score should minimally be 6.5./TOEFL 85 (Internet-based), 237 (computer-based) or 580 (paper-based). 

All international students must have a valid Student’s Pass during the period of study at SUSS. Admission is contingent upon successful application of Student’s Pass. SUSS Office of Global Programmes (OGP) will apply for the entry visa and an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter for all international exchange students through the ICA Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration (SOLAR) system. All international exchange students will then be required to fill out an online eForm 16 and print a copy to be brought to Singapore.

For international exchange students who do not require an entry visa to Singapore, you will only need to show your passport and disembarkation card to get through Singapore immigration. You will be given the stamped IPA letter on the date of registration at SUSS, and you need the letter to collect your Student’s Pass from ICA.

For international exchange students who require an entry visa to Singapore, SUSS OGP will send the IPA letter via email to you after the application has been approved by ICA. The IPA letter will serve as a single-trip entry visa upon arrival in Singapore. Please show your passport, disembarkation card and the IPA letter to get through Singapore immigration. Upon registration at SUSS, another IPA letter will be stamped and issued to you before you can proceed to collect your Student’s Pass from ICA. The Student’s Pass serves as a multiple-entry visa into Singapore (subject to terms & conditions), allowing you to visit nearby Malaysia or Indonesia for weekend trips.

In accordance with the student exchange agreement with our partner universities, exchange students are not required to pay tuition fees to SUSS. However, other administrative fees are applicable i.e. Student’s Pass (Visa), Miscellaneous Fee, etc.

Student’s Pass (Student Visa): S$90 - S$120 (Approval is subjected to terms and conditions)
Misc. Fee (including basic insurance): S$120

Estimated Monthly Expenses
Accommodation (e.g. Twin-sharing Student Hostel): S$900 - S$1,600 
Food: S$300 - S$500
Transportation: S$300 - S$400
Telecommunications: S$30 - S$50
Miscellaneous (e.g. Entertainment): S$100 - S$300

To ensure a smooth application process, please prepare the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport particulars 
  • Official academic transcript
  • Clear passport size photo
  • Record of courses taken in current semester
  • TOEFL/IELTS test scores
  • Nomination letter by home university (if applicable)

Your home university will provide you with the link to our latest online application form. For all enquiries, please contact on details of the application process, or on the status of your application.

“The most important takeaway was that I experienced a very different teaching method from that in China. In SUSS, we usually had group discussions in the classroom and there were field visits to companies for us to understand the production process of goods. This was a perfect integration of theory and practice, and allowed me to acquire knowledge in a most thorough way.” Shao Rui, International Exchange Student from China 

“This term in SUSS has been a very impressive time for me, in terms of the school courses and daily life. The exchange programme provided me with the chance to learn more about the world and broaden my horizon. I had the chance to experience a totally different schooling atmosphere, as well as the incorporation of advanced technology in teaching methods. For example, teachers were encouraging in getting students to discuss interactively and there was much focus placed on group-based assignments. This is not commonly seen in the universities back in China.” Zhang Ziao, International Exchange Student from China

For more information on student semester exchange in SUSS, please click here for the General Fact Sheet.  

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