Beginner Language Courses

Keen to pick up basic conversational skills in Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Malay, Hindi, Lao, or Thai language? If you have no prior background in these languages, this course is just what you need before your study, work, or leisure trip to the cities in which these languages are spoken.

Achieving a Pass in the Beginner Chinese, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, and Vietnamese courses, will enable you to progress to Level 1 of the Business Course of the respective language.

Courses are taught by faculty members from SUSS and Universities around the region.

Offered now:

  • Chinese
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Malay
  • Vietnamese
  • Hindi 
  • Thai
  • Lao

All Beginner Language Courses are non-credit bearing with a course fee of $120.
Each run consists of 6 sessions, each 100-120 mins, fully online.
There are 2 runs of Beginner Language Courses per year, during the March and September term break.

Call for registration will be sent via email for full-time students, and announcement will be made on student portal for part-time students.

How to register: Student Portal > E-Services > Event Service > select the respective Event ID to register and make payment.

1. How many lessons are there?
There are 6 sessions in every Beginner course: 5 learning sessions and 1 assessment session.

2. Where are the lessons conducted?
All lessons are conducted ENTIRELY online, synchronous learning, on Canvas Zoom. There are no face-to-face lessons for all language courses.

3. Where can I download the past recordings of completed lessons?
All video recordings of lessons can be downloaded via Canvas under Virtual Class > Cloud Recordings

4. Are there any assessments?
Yes, the last session is an assessment. Assessment takes about 10 minutes per student.

5. Will there be any certification awarded upon completing the Beginner Language courses?
You will receive a Certificate of Completion if you complete all course requirements and pass the Oral Assessment.

6. Is there a fixed timetable for the lessons?
Yes! Please look at the table below. Dates are the same for all courses: 12, 14, 16, 19, 21 and 23 September 2022

Beginner CourseTime (SG time)Event ID
Bahasa Malay

Daytime: 3 - 5pm
Evening: 8 - 10pm


Bahasa IndoDaytime: 3 - 5pm

Evening: 8 - 10pm


ChineseDaytime: 3 - 5pm

Evening: 8 - 10pm


VietnameseEvening: 8 - 10pmEV22000131
HindiEvening: 8 - 10pmEV22000130 
ThaiEvening: 8 - 10pm EV22000122

7. How can I register and make payment?
To register for the Beginner Language course, log on to Student Portal and go to E-Services, click 'Event Service Online' and select the respective Event ID to register and make payment

Beginner Courses are a good lead up to the Business Courses

8. Is there a minimum attendance rate to pass the course?
While attendance is not mandatory, students are highly encouraged to attend all lessons. This helps in building your confidence level in speaking the language.

The final session (i.e. the 6th session) is set aside specifically for the one-to-one oral assessment. All students are expected to turn up for their allocated timeslot for the oral assessment.

Kindly note that all lessons (sessions 1-5) and the final session for the oral assessment are non-replaceable and no rescheduling is available upon request as well.

9. When is the next run date?
There are 2 runs of Beginner Language Courses each year, during the March and September term breaks respectively.

10. Can graduates or the public enroll?
The language courses are open to interested parties. In order to register yourself for the course(s), you will first have to be enrolled as a CET student with SUSS. Each enrolment comes with a one-time administration fee of $64.20.

There are two window periods each year for CET enrollment.

Once enrolled, you are free to sign up for the Beginner and Business courses that you’d like to take up. In addition, as a CET student, you may choose to read any Business level language courses without restrictions, i.e. pre-requisites.

You may read up more via the following link:
Registering as a CET student

11. Are there any course fees?
Cost of all Beginner Level language courses: S$120

12. Any SkillsFuture funding?
Beginner language courses are not covered under the SkillsFuture fund.

For the list of approved courses from SUSS under SFC, please click here. To find out more about SkillsFuture Credit, please visit here.

13. Do I need to have prior knowledge of the language to qualify for the Beginner Language courses?

  • Beginner language courses are meant for students who have no prior knowledge of the language.
  • If you have received formal training in the language and have the interest to further your proficiency in it, we encourage you to register for the Placement Test.
  • Kindly note that currently, there are only placement tests available for the Chinese Language, as well as the Malay Language. Please visit here for more information about the Placement Test(s).

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