Language for Work courses

The Language for Work courses are credit-bearing courses that aim to provide students with the necessary language skills for daily conversations and business communication and enable them to become confident and effective users of these languages in social and work settings in their respective countries. 

Students with prior knowledge in Chinese or Malay language will need to take a Placement Test to assess your level of competency.

Offered now:

Important Information:

  • Each course is worth 5 cu
  • Unrestricted Electives (FT), or General Electives (PT) 
  • Pass / Fail grade (not letter-graded)
  • Classes are fully online
  • Classes last for one full semester

Registration will take place during the eCR period of the respective semesters.

  1. Where are the lessons conducted?

    All lessons are conducted ENTIRELY online, synchronous learning, on Canvas Zoom. There are no face-to-face lessons for all language courses.


  2. Where can I download the past recordings of completed lessons?

    All video recordings of lessons can be downloaded via Canvas under Virtual Class > Cloud Recordings.


  3. Do I need to have prior knowledge of the language to qualify for the Business Language courses?
    • If you have received formal training in the language and have the interest to further your proficiency in it, we encourage you to register for the Placement Test.
    • Kindly note that currently, there are only placement tests available for the Chinese Language, as well as the Malay Language. Please visit here for more information about the Placement Test(s).
    • We will notify you via email on whether you can proceed or not with the Business Level Language courses. We will not be disclosing the score or which level though. The level that we will offer will appear in the list of courses you can eCR for.


  4. Can graduates or the public enroll?
    • The language courses are open to interested parties. To register yourself for the course(s), you will first have to be enrolled as a CET student with SUSS. Each enrolment comes with a one-time administration fee of $64.20.
      There are two window periods each year for CET enrollment.
    • Once enrolled, you are free to sign up for the Business courses that you'd like to take up. In addition, as a CET student, you may choose to read any Business level language courses without restrictions, i.e. pre-requisites.
    • You may read up more via the following link:
      Registering as a CET student 

  5. Any SkillsFuture funding?


    Only Business Malay is eligible for SkillsFuture funding.

    For the list of approved courses from SUSS under SFC, please click here.

    To find out more about SkillsFuture Credit, please visit here.

  6. Will there be any certification awarded upon completing the Business Language courses?

    No certificates are given for completion of the course.


  7. Am I eligible for the course?

    If you have enough CUs to take the business course as a General/Unrestricted elective, the respective course will appear for your selection in the eCR.


  8. Do I have to take the placement tests for the Business Language courses again if I do not select the course for the upcoming semester?
    There is no need to retake the test if you wish to register for the course in the next semester. The course should be available for you to register during the eCR period. If you do not see it in the list, please let us know so we can follow up and find out what is the cause.

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