Student Testimonials

I took the Business Chinese course in my 4th year of study. The course structure was well thought-out, providing students with the necessary Chinese language skills for business communication as well as a deep understanding of the business culture and preferred norms of communication in China.

The interactive one-to-one online lessons conducted by native Mandarin speakers allowed for the customisation of learning techniques based on each student’s needs and learning capacity. With past internship experiences in China, I found that the lesson materials were highly relevant to the work environment and business etiquette in China. The regular post-assessment feedback was effective in helping me to keep track of my learning progress and to identify areas for improvement.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has the intention of improving their Chinese language skills to enhance employability and career advancement, especially professionals who seek to better communicate with their Chinese counterparts in their field of work.

Foo Ee Tian
Bachelor of Accountancy Year of 2020

I took the Business Bahasa Indonesia course in my 1st year at SUSS. As Indonesia is a very important and developing market within the ASEAN region, I was strongly motivated to take up the Business Bahasa Indonesia course. I had no regrets as the course was undeniably a rewarding learning experience.

The skills taught were incredibly useful and fitting for a beginner like me. Being a business undergraduate, I felt that learning how to write the Indonesian way of business emails was very beneficial to prepare myself for the market.

To enrich our learning experience, our teacher provided us with various pair-work activities during each session. The activities greatly helped me in discovering the mistakes that I was making without realising. Learning a new language is never easy but thanks to these activities, I looked forward to each class as the activities made the process more enjoyable and pleasant. Not only that, I had no issues with clearing my doubts since the class instructor was so patient and understanding. The TMAs were also manageable.

By and large, the course has built my confidence to venture into the Indonesian market. I believe that this course will be advantageous for anyone looking to gain themselves a competitive edge in their career path.

Nur Anissa
Bachelor of Science in Marketing

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