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The Go Southeast Asia (SEA) Award gives you the opportunity to gain overseas work exposure and experience life in a new country.

If selected, you will receive career mentorship, develop your intercultural competence and receive an award value of $12,000 to support your expenses during the internship. Sign up now!

For more information on the Go SEA Award, please visit Enterprise Singapore’s Go SEA page at
Enterprise Singapore Young Talent Programme-Market Immersion

The YTP-Market Immersion aims to provide opportunities for young talents to gain global exposure and market immersion experience that will prepare them to take on future global careers.

SUSS students who are participating in YTP-approved overseas programmes may be eligible for co-funding from the Young Talent Programme (YTP) – Market Immersion to cover your airfare and daily overseas living expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who fulfill the following requirements may be eligible for YTP – Market Immersion funding:

Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents
Students must have cleared SUSS’s selection process for the respective overseas programmes
Students must not have been awarded any scholarship or funding whatsoever by anyone in respect of the same items for which the student is granted funding under the YTP – Market Immersion programmes
YTP-approved Overseas Programmes

YTP – Market Immersion will support eligible overseas programmes in the following market categories:

Regional Markets: Southeast Asia, India and China
Emerging Markets: Latin America & Caribbean, Russia, Central & Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa
Currently, only Overseas Work Attachment and Overseas Internship Programmes to the above-mentioned markets are eligible for the YTP funding.

YTP-Market Immersion Funding Details
Programmes SupportedCo-Funding CapsCo-Funding Duration
Overseas Work Attachment/Internship (OWA/I)Airfare: S$600
Allowance: S$300 per week
Maximum 24 weeks

Post-programme Deliverables

Students are required to submit an updated resume and a written report detailing their key takeaways and experiences of their overseas programme in the country, within 2 weeks after the programme ends. Please note that the disbursement of the YTP-Market Immersion funding will be processed after successful completion of the overseas programme and the post-programme deliverables fulfilled.

Application Process

Direct applications by students to Enterprise Singapore are not acceptable as applications are by invitation only. Students should complete the application form and return it to Q2FyZWVyRGV2QHN1c3MuZWR1LnNn with the relevant supporting documents.

The YTP-Market Immersion funding application is subject to Enterprise Singapore’s approval. Successful applicants will be notified by SUSS.

Students can approach and discuss with CareerDev to learn more about the overseas opportunities available. We will work with you to evaluate your eligibility for the YTP-Market Immersion and guide you on the application.
To alleviate financial concerns relating to overseas work programmes, students can apply for a bridging loan from CareerDev.

The OWA Bridging Loan is applicable to students who have confirmed an overseas work attachment of at least 4 months in duration, and received YTP funding approval funding for the same programme. Eligible student will receive an interest-free loan from CareerDev to help in the initial payments for items relating to the OWA, e.g., air tickets and accommodation.

Upon successful completion of the OWA, CareerDev will process the claims for student’s YTP funding, and credit the amount less the bridging loan back to student.
S/NOrganizationSponsored/Donated AmountRemarksApplication StatusScholarship Awarded
1Deloitte Scholarship$30,000$10,000 / per academic year for 3 years (from Year 2 onwards) Academic excellence, overall development and track record in non-academic requirements 3-years bond upon graduationClosedChua Kai Hong
2Nexia TS Public Accounting Corporation Financial Scholarship
TBCAgreement with SUSS for 4 years (2016 – 2019) Gross Monthly Household per capita income <S$80024-week Work AttachmentClosedPending
3PwC’s Outstanding Award for Whole Leadership (1 each for ACC & Business Analytics)
TBC70% weightage on academic achievements, 30% weightage on non-academic achievements 24-week Work AttachmentClosedPending


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The MCF – Industry Attachment supports internships in maritime- related work with S$400 top-up allowance per month for up to 6 months.

Students applying must meet the list of the eligibility criteria below:

  • Must be a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident;
  • Industry attachment programme must be in a maritime-related business entity approved by CareerDev <xxx the Polytechnic Authority (e.g. a body within the Polytechnic or faculty of study in charge of internship/attachment);
  • Attachment programme must be well-structured and job scope must be maritime-related and enable intern to gain knowledge and experience in maritime businesses. It may be conducted in Singapore, overseas office or on board ships and;
  • The period of attachment should be within 4 to 24 weeks.


Mr William Tan

For more information, please visit MPA website or contact Mr William Tan.

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