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Non-Academic Pre-requisites

Pre-requisitesHow to Fulfil?
a) Academic Pre-requisite courses relevant to the job scope of WA they are contracting with the Host OrganizationThe list of the respective Academic Pre-requisites can be found here.
b) Achieved at least 80% score for WA Online Quiz
Quiz will be available on Canvas after WA Day for a limited time (deadline will be announced on Canvas).
c) Completed and passed Risk Assessment Management System (RAMS) course

You may login to your CD Portal to check whether you have completed it under My Account > Academic (Look for Completed WA Prerequisites)

If you have not, please e-mail Office of Student Life to receive the link to complete it.

d) Completion of the following compulsory non-academic courses:
  1. Digital & Data Literacy*
  2. Sustainable Development in the Workplace*
  3. Engaging responsibly with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning*
  4. Entrepreneurial Mindset

*For Cohort 2018: Check if you have passed the course via CD Portal (My Account > Personal > Academic) one month after closed deadline.  

*For Cohort 2019: Your submissions may only be marked from Jan 2021 but you are free to submit any time when new questions are posted every semester. You may e-mail us to mark your submissions early if you wish to begin your WA before Jan 2021.

(i), (ii) and (iii) will be done online via Canvas.

(iv) Students are required to attend at least one talk or workshop from the Entrepreneurial Mindset Series and complete a reflection questionnaire at the end of the session. Please look out for more details sent out via e-mail or e-mail SUSS Entrepreneurship for the upcoming schedule or queries pertaining to the completion of this pre-requisite.

e) Cover Letter and Resume approved by CareerDev Mentor via the CD PortalStudents are highly encouraged to attend CDO152 to learn how to write good cover letter and resume. Please refer to the Upcoming Events Calendar for the available runs.
f) For self-sourced WA, job description has been approved by CareerDev.Students who wish to do a self-sourced WA (which will be given extra credit) need to ensure that the JD has been approved by CareerDev for it to be considered as their official WA.



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