Overseas Summer School for Part-time Students

Due to the global pandemic, summer courses are offered via I) in-person and II) online formats

Before applying for any programme, do review the important information below.

Part-time students may apply to any overseas summer school courses from the list of pre-approved overseas universities. Download the list here:



Prior approval from SUSS Head of Programmes is mandatory if credit recognition is required.   

Step 1:
Shortlist a maximum of 3 overseas summer courses.

Step 2:
Submit Course Mapping Form.

  • A detailed course outline for the course(s) you are seeking approval for is required. 
  • The above steps are not required if you do not wish to seek credit recognition. 

Please take note of the deadlines to submit Credit Recognition Approval requests: 

  • 14 April
  • 28 April

You will be notified of the Credit Recognition request outcome via email within 2 weeks. Only proceed to register for OSS directly on the host university's website upon notification of the Credit Recognition Approval request.


In-Person Programmes

Students are allowed to travel to countries under the vaccinated travel lane (VTL) to attend Overseas Summer School (OSS).

Given the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic situation, students should be aware of the risks (e.g. fluctuating travel restrictions), as well as the financial implications (e.g. non-refundable tuition fees and travel expenses, high cost of overseas quarantine facility). Students should also take note of each country’s mandatory PCR test fees. 

In the event that in-person courses have been converted to online, students may still receive credit recognition.

Students planning to attend in-person OSS are required to attend the following briefing:
1) Pre-departure briefing by International SOS (27 May, 1pm)

Given the complexities of overseas travel, students are required to complete these steps in the following order:

Step 1:
Email completed Acknowledgement Form to suss_global@suss.edu.sg

Step 2:
Register for OSS directly on the host university's website.

Step 3:
Submit Credit Recognition Form.

  • Upload acceptance email / letter from host university.

Step 4:
Purchase flight and accommodation, indicate travel dates here

Step 5:
Purchase SUSS Group Travel Insurance.
As only SUSS Group Travel Insurance partners with International SOS, students are required to purchase SUSS Travel Insurance.

Step 6:
Email completed Emergency Management (EMS) Form to suss_global@suss.edu.sg.

Step 7:
Attend compulsory pre-departure briefing by International SOS (27 May, 1pm).

Step 8:
Complete "Developing Intercultural Competence" module before departure (students will be enrolled in this module on Canvas upon completion of Step 4).



Online Programmes

Students may enrol in Overseas Summer School courses offered in online formats without travelling to the host country.


Step 1:
Register for OSS directly on host university's website.

Step 2:
Submit Credit Recognition Form.

Step 3:
Complete "Developing Intercultural Competence" module before start of course (students will be enrolled in this module on Canvas upon completion of Step 2).


Important Notes

To complement cross-cultural learning, students’ will be enrolled in "Developing Intercultural Competence”.

This is a non-credit bearing self-study inter-cultural introductory Canvas module (estimated 3 hours to complete), and is free of charge.


Note that SUSS is not a partner university with any of the overseas summer winter universities. Hence, students are required to pay the non-partner fee.

Financial assistance
Types financial assistance available on reimbursement basis:

SUSS transcript for OSS application

If a SUSS transcript is requested by the host university, kindly write to Student Support (students@suss.edu.sg) to request for a copy of the certification letter for completed grades. Note that it will be a letter document (instead of a transcript), which will be ready within 5 working days.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

If there are OSS courses that clash with your SUSS academic calendar, students are strongly advised to consult their respective schools prior to their OSS applications as the Office of Global Programmes does not endorse LOA. Kindly seek approval from your respective Head of Programme (HoP) if you need to apply for LOA.

Transcripts for credit recognition

Kindly inform the coordinator from the host university to email the electronic copy of your OSS transcript to suss_global@suss.edu.sg. To prevent flooding of our mailboxes, students are not required to forward their OSS transcript to us individually. Upon receipt of OSS transcripts from the host university, we will process the credit recognition and your academic profile will be updated by October 2022 (i.e. before eCR period). 


Submit PSEA claim (if any).


When do Overseas Summer School (OSS) and Overseas Winter School (OWS) take place?
What is the average duration of OSS and OWS?
Summer programmes usually take place from June to August, while winter programmes take place from December to January.
Different programmes have different start and end dates depending on the host university and may be offered in-person or virtually.
Please check the respective host university website.

Will OSS or OWS disrupt my regular academic term at SUSS?
Most OSS and OWS do not disrupt your academic term as it takes place during the school vacation periods.

If there are OSS and OWS courses that clash with your SUSS academic calendar, students are strongly advised to consult their respective schools prior to their OSS applications as the Office of Global Programmes does not endorse LOA. Kindly seek approval from your respective Head of Programme (HoP) if you need to apply for LOA.

Credit recognition 

What supporting documents are required for course mapping?
A detailed course outline from the OSS host university for the course(s) you are seeking approval for is required. View a sample here. Minimally, course description, synopsis, topics, learning outcomes, contact hours, assessment and suggested reading materials are required. 

My request for course mapping was rejected, can I appeal? 
SUSS faculty's review on course mapping requests is final, no appeals will be accepted.

Is there a restriction on the courses I can take on OSS? 
Students are not allowed to transfer credits to SUSS courses that they have failed or withdrawn previously, or withdraw from SUSS courses that they are currently taking in January 2022 semester.

Can we take more than one OSS course? 
You may apply for more than one course from the same host university. Do check your academic profile for the outstanding number of credit units that is available.

I have no more credit units remaining, can I still go on OSS? 
You may enrol in OSS courses, just without credit recognition. 

If credit recognition is processed for additional CUs of 130 credit units to graduate, it will affect the subsidised course fee that students are entitled to. Every student receives subsidy for 160 CUs and may need to resit/repeat courses in SUSS. 

More information on Ministry of Education (MOE) subsidies for part-time degree programmes can be found here.

Do OSS courses contribute to my SUSS GPA? 
OSS courses taken abroad are pass/fail, and do not contribute to your SUSS GPA. 

How will my credit recognition be facilitated?
Credit recognition is facilitated if you successfully pass the OSS / OWS course on the first attempt.
Note that the  number of credits transferred will be reflected on your SUSS transcript. The host institution or course title will not appear. 

Registration with host university

How much are OSS / OWS course fees? 
Fees are paid directly to the host university. Please check the respective host university website.

Am I eligible for the partner fee?
SUSS is not a partner university with any of the overseas summer or winter universities. Hence, students are required to pay the non-partner fee.

What is included in the OSS programme fees?
Please check the respective host university website.

What expenses do I need to budget for? 
Students are responsible for their own expenses which include programme fees, airfare, visa, accommodation, food, transport, etc. while on OSS and OWS. As expenses differ based on personal preferences, we encourage students to research on the costs of flights, visa, living expenses as well as self-sourced accommodation (e.g. if campus accommodation is not available).

Do we have to book the flights, arrange visa and accommodation on our own or will it be done by SUSS? 
You are required to make all the necessary arrangements on your own. 

The OSS programme fees include accommodation. Are we allowed to source for our own accommodation? 
Please check with the host university if separate arrangements can be made.

Is there a GPA requirement? 
Are interviews required as part of the application process?
Please check the OSS host university website for GPA requirements and/or any prerequisites.  Each university has differing requirements and application processes.

Is it possible to extend my overseas trip after the OSS course has ended?  
Yes, students may travel for leisure. Such arrangements will be made on your own. However, you are expected to purchase SUSS student travel insurance that will include the duration of your OSS trips overseas.  

Travel insurance

Is it compulsory to purchase SUSS Travel Insurance?
All SUSS students (both Part-time and Full-time) are covered by SUSS Student Travel Insurance. Given the comprehensive coverage by International SOS, you must make payment for the school's travel insurance policy. This is processed after we confirm your OSS 2022 participation. If you would like even higher coverage, you are free to purchase a 2nd travel insurance policy on your own. 

The in-person OSS I registered for has been canceled by the host university. What will SUSS travel insurance cover?  
Should you make changes to your travel plans due to this change, all travel insurance policies would not cover any trip cancellation refunds. You must ensure that you pay close attention how to the refund terms and conditions of all relevant companies and organisations (e.g. host university, airline, accommodation provider). Some host universities may only offer you a partial refund, with an option to reserve your place in their next Summer 2023 programme.

Funding and subsidies

What subsidies are available?
SUSS students may apply for PSEA reimbursement of expenses related to their overseas experience, such as airfares, accommodation, study and course fees, subject to availability of funds and proper submission of supporting travel documents. 

Please note that the approving authority is the Ministry of Education, and that PSEA reimbursements are usually processed 3 to 4 months after your trip. Read this guide for detailed information on PSEA applications. 

If you have any queries, please email us at ogp@suss.edu.sg.
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