Programmes for SUSS Students

The Office of Global Programmes aims to provide our full-time students with meaningful Overseas Experiences that complement their academic learning in SUSS. Our array of specially designed and/ curated programmes abroad support our educational philosophy of Head, Heart and Habit. It is recommended that these programmes are completed in the first two years of the full-time degree programme. Full-time students may also enjoy course fee subsidies for some of our overseas courses, and they may log in to their Canvas account for more details. 


The Overseas Experiential Teambuilding (ETB) programme aims to provide SUSS students with a common experience to kick-start their University journey together. It achieves this via an Experiential Learning methodology. The programme is intentionally curated to comprise a self-discovery journey, team dynamics which adopts a strengths-based approach to optimise team performance, and community-centric activities to develop foundational aptitudes in community-mindedness through gaining an appreciation of the strengths and assets of the local community 

More information about the Experiential Team Building can be found here.

Hangzhou - 3
A tour at Alibaba HQ, Hangzhou 

Overseas Experiential Learning (OEL) courses are credit-bearing themed courses designed to provide students with the environments and tools to cultivate a deep understanding of foreign countries in relation to their worldviews. 

Students spend a week overseas on a field trip, coupled with sessions in Singapore which seek to augment and deepen the learning experience. These curated learning  journeys generally focus on socio-cultural, economic, trade and commerce and political aspects of the host destination.

Our courses, which focus on emerging economies, and also exemplary local industries, have taken students to the Greater China region, the Middle-east and various Southeast Asian destinations.

What our students say:

 “I was able to experience firsthand how China and her people have progressed so fast as a nation, both individually and collectively. It certainly provides a reality check for myself because as a Singaporean, I tend to be complacent about our achievements. However, this is not the case for the locals in China. They adopt the mindset of being willing to learn, [and are]innovative - working hard to achieve their goals. This is something that I learnt from the locals and [a mentality] I aim to adopt in my everyday life.”

Ong Kian Ann Benny,  Participant of OEL 302 to Hangzhou & Shanghai in 2019

“The outdoor experience in Bogor really puts into perspective how tough a farming job is due to the terrain of the mountains. This, along with the frugality of the lifestyle in a kampong environment, is something that cannot be experienced in Singapore.”

Alex Ng Hong Sing, Participant of OEL 305 to Indonesia in 2018

For current SUSS Students, more information on the Overseas Experiential Learning (OEL) Courses available each semester can be found on Canvas. 

Overseas WA - 3


A 24-Week Work Attachment is required of all full-time students and some may choose to undertake this overseas.

The emerging markets in the region offer rich and diverse learning opportunities. While living and working in an overseas setting, students can expect to develop a heightened sense of the cultural nuances of working and living in the host destination, coming to better understand the work and business practices that are part and parcel of working in these overseas markets. Upon successful completion of the Overseas Attachment (24 weeks) or Internship (minimum 8 weeks), students would be deemed to have fulfilled the Overseas Experience graduation requirement.

global service learning - 3

SUSS encourages students to explore global concerns through Global Service-Learning (GSL).  The GSL experience provides students with an opportunity to participate in a service activity in another country that addresses community-identified needs, learn from direct interaction and cross-cultural dialogue with others, and reflect on the experiences to gain a deep understanding of global and intercultural issues. The overseas learning experience will also allow appreciation of diverse cultures and a deepened sense of personal responsibilities both as local and global citizens.

“After this trip, I started to wonder, has our constant yearn for improvement in quality of life such as material comfort, convenience and civic amenities, caused us to lose our community value of sharing and helping one another? Even though we went to Vietnam to impart knowledge of design thinking to the students, I felt that I have learnt so much more from them. They have showed me what being part of a community truly feels like.”

- Part of a reflection by Gan Ze Yi (FTECE 2018 cohort), a participant in the project with Bamboo Builders as part of a Global Service-learning Programme in 2018

More information about the Global Service-Learning can be found here

impact startup - 3

First launched in 2017, the Impact Startup Challenge (ISC) was created for students to challenge, test and validate their startup ideas through a series of lean startup workshops, study visits and sharing by industry experts.

In a nutshell, ISC participants get to:

  • Build a prototype
  • Pitch to a panel of investors
  • Immerse in the culture and startup ecosystem of the city

SUSS Impact Startup Challenge has a significant footprint in emerging markets like ASEAN and Chinese cities. Since 2017, there have been 6 programme runs with 159 student participants, taking place in places like Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Kaohsiung (Taiwan)Shenzhen (China)Jakarta (Indonesia)Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam). 

More information about the Impact Start up Challenge can be found here

An opportunity to immerse yourself for a semester in one of SUSS partner universities overseas can be an enriching learning experience. The semester-long immersion will provide rich opportunities for personal growth and development in the context of a different educational, social and cultural setting.

The Office of Global Programmes is currently in the midst of curating a list of partnership opportunities to facilitate semester exchanges in different regions.

These partnerships with selected universities are forged to promote and facilitate the student semester exchange programmes each year. As an SUSS exchange student, you will be enrolled full-time in the overseas university while you are on the programme. As part of these collaborative agreements between the two institutions, SUSS students who are enrolled in one of our partner universities continue to pay tuition fees to SUSS and enjoy a waiver of tuition fees at the overseas college.

Overseas school -3

Many overseas universities offer courses which are open to international students during their vacation period in summer or winter seasons. These summer or winter programmes and the diverse courses on offer present rich learning opportunities in various destinations.

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for courses that add professional value to their scope of academic achievements, and to pursue the experience with an open mind as they interact and engage with other international students.

For current SUSS Students, the list of Overseas Summer and Winter School programmes available for application will be accessible on Canvas.


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