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Active Citizenship

The Office of Student Life provides various opportunities to promote active citizenship among SUSS students. Through these platforms, students will be able to deepen their appreciation and perspectives on the following:

  • Singapore's heritage and the factors influencing the preservation of national heritage;
  • Social diversity issues and inclusivity;
  • Constructive ways to exercise social responsibility, both as a local and global citizen.

Students will have the opportunities to acquire first-hand knowledge from local and international policymakers, government officials, academia, and community developers. With active engagement through constructive conversations with like-minded individuals, we aim to develop a vibrant culture of active citizenship in SUSS.

Active Citizenship 1

SUSS CatalyŜtSUSS CatalyŜt

SUSS CatalyŜt is a group of trained students who work closely with the Office to promote active citizenship and raise awareness on social issues to the SUSS community through programmes such as Experiential Heritage Trails and Reading Circles.

They aim to Galvanise SUSS students in doing their part for the community, Personalise social issues and Synergise with the community around them in making Singapore and the world a better place for work, life and play. Or GPS in short.

Follow @susscatalyst on Instagram to connect with them and to find out more about their outreach initiatives!

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