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Adventure & Outdoor

Beyond the physical challenges, the Adventure & Outdoor Programmes are about challenging participants to seek personal growth in areas such as resilience, teamwork, leadership and environmental-mindedness.

The pedagogic value of such journeys includes:

  • feeling part of a team
  • understanding group dynamics
  • enhancing leadership competencies
  • improving planning and organisational ability
  • honing one's attention to detail
  • making decisions with direct consequences
  • obtaining a sense of achievement and satisfaction by overcoming challenges and obstacles
  • developing self-reliance and independence
  • experiencing and appreciating nature

Local Adventure Outdoor Programme

Outdoor Activities

Local outdoor activities are conducted at a quarterly basis and serve as platforms to induct the SUSS community through half-a-day to overnight out-of-classroom exposures. Purposefully designed with intentional outdoor philosophy, outdoor knowledge is taught through bite-size and back-to-basic manner.

Fun and exciting activities include overnight camping, outdoor cooking challenge, MacRitchie Reservoir nature walk, rock climbing (with certification), and kayaking (with certification).

Some of these activities will be partnered with members of ODAIG. For more information on ODAIG, please do contact the student leaders at

Overseas Adventure Outdoor Programme

Overseas AOEL

The Seven Series comprises of 7 trails in China, 7 summits in Indonesia and 7 seas (voyages to 7 ports of call from China to Indonesia). This adventure series is designed to deepen students’ understanding of the region and its significance in the contemporary times.

Being in the intended environment not only heightens the sensual experience but also results in creating authentic learning for the participants. These programmes aim to help students to develop skills in cognition-based reflection, knowledge construction, evaluation of beliefs and real-life problem solving.

Adventure Leadership Programme (ALP)

Adventure Leadership

The outdoor classroom is a paradox, limitless for instructional purposes but challenging in establishing safe yet effective boundaries for learning. The ALP serves to bring learning beyond the cerebral to touch the hearts of students whereby they become advocates of environmental awareness and protection.

The Malaysia Gopeng ALP and New Zealand ALP are programmes for those who are keen to develop themselves as outdoor leaders and impact the SUSS and wider community in becoming more outdoor and experiential centric with a focus on environmental-mindedness.

SUSS is also on the lookout for suitable students on a yearly basis and present them the Outward Bound Leadership and Service Award. This award recognises them for their outstanding contributions in leadership and service to the community.

Upcoming Programmes

Kayak Certification, Rock Climbing Certification and Nature Treks

Get in touch with the SUSS Outdoor Adventure IG (ODAIG) for more information.

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