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Adventure & Outdoor

Beyond the physical challenges, the Adventure & Outdoor Programmes are about challenging participants to seek personal growth in areas such as resilience, teamwork, leadership and environmental-mindedness.

The pedagogic value of such journeys includes:

  • feeling part of a team
  • understanding group dynamics
  • enhancing leadership competencies
  • improving planning and organisational ability
  • honing one's attention to detail
  • making decisions with direct consequences
  • obtaining a sense of achievement and satisfaction by overcoming challenges and obstacles
  • developing self-reliance and independence
  • experiencing and appreciating nature

Local outdoor activities are conducted in partnership with the Outdoor Adventure Interest Group (ODA IG). The activities are categorized into Land, Sea and Rock Climbing. Their monthly activities calendar can be accessed after joining their group telegram chat. Members will be able to access a wider range of out-of-classroom activities at subsidised rates.  Non-members who are interested in ad-hoc activities may also contact them at

The Office of Student Life Outdoor Specialist may partner with small groups of students to curate purposefully designed programmes that marry outdoor skills with practical knowledge and applications. For example the use of kayaking skills in helping the kelong farmers reduce algae growth by lining mussel lines.

Overseas AOEL

Pre-2020, Overseas Adventure Outdoor Programmes include the New Zealand Adventure Leadership Programme and the Gobi Desert Ultra-marathon Challenge. These may be credit-bearing courses or non-credit bearing programmes.

Such adventure series are designed to deepen students’ understanding of the region and its significance in contemporary times. The Office of Student Life looks forward to launching regional adventure series in time to come.

Being in the intended environment not only heightens the sensual experience but also results in creating authentic learning for the participants. These programmes aim to help students to develop skills in cognition-based reflection, knowledge construction, evaluation of beliefs and real-life problem-solving.

Adventure Leadership Award

The outdoor classroom is a paradox, limitless for instructional purposes but challenging in establishing safe yet effective boundaries for learning. The Adventure Leadership Awards serves to bring learning beyond the cerebral to touch the hearts of the community. Such awards are being curated to celebrate student leaders who advocate service to the community through their outdoor skills and knowledge.


The Outward Bound Leadership and Service Award celebrates and recognises youths with outstanding contributions in leadership and service within our community. Outstanding student leaders are offered a scholarship to participate in the internationally-renowned 21-day OBS Classic Challenge Course.

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