Campus Projects

Campus Projects promote student involvement and contribution within SUSS by creating opportunities for students to initiate and lead projects.

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Students are encouraged to initiate projects with the following outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate at least one core value of SPIRIT: Spirit of Learning, Passion for Community, Integrity, Respect and Trust, Innovation for Excellence and Teamwork.
  2. Build or increase sense of belonging of students within the SUSS Community.
  3. Promote social inclusion, cohesion and mixing of all gender, ethnic groups, nationalities, academic programmes, and student profiles.

All projects should support sustainability by reducing consumption of single-use disposables and encouraging usage of reusable items. Please contact Office of Student Life to apply for funding support for the campus project.



CP - 1

Project Collegiate was created in 2015 in a bid to improve the identity and the cohesiveness of the school. The group aspired to leave a legacy for their very young college, and create a symbol which then-UniSIM College students could identify with. A T-Shirt Design competition was launched, with prizes for the best designs, before UC shirts were then printed and sold to any interested students.  



CP - 2


SUSS Mascot Challenge 2017/2018 is a student-initiated project that is supported by the Office of Student Life. It is conceptualised to bring together the SUSS Full Time students in spirit and identity. The aim was to have a SUSS mascot that will reflect the core values of SUSS as well as the 3Hs.





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