The creation and maintenance of an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) is a non-academic graduating requirement for all full-time SUSS students. The purpose of the e-portfolio is to showcase a thoughtful selection of reflections, work samples and artefacts that demonstrates significant learning, critical thinking and growth. It also serves as a developmental tool for self-actualisation and lifelong learning.

The 4 key domains that students must include in their e-portfolio are: College Achievements, Career Readiness, Active Citizenship and Continuous Learning. These domains reflect the knowledge, skills and attitudes that SUSS aspire our students to have.



Students are strongly advised to start their e-portfolios once they embark their learning in SUSS. They should submit their e-portfolios for assessment 6 months before graduation, in accordance to the assessment rubrics.

The SUSS e-portfolio is hosted by Portfolium.

Portfolium @ SUSS: https://portfolium.com/network/suss

For more information on the SUSS E-Portfolio, please refer to the FAQ.

Getting Started with e-Portfolio

Editing the Content of the e-Portfolio

Training & Consultation

Training and consultation are provided for students to have a good understanding of the e-portfolio requirements, as well as equipped them with the necessary skills to create and develop a meaningful e-portfolio. Students are highly encouraged to attend these optional workshops and consultations.

Here is the training schedule for 2020:

  • 25 August, Tuesday, 7pm-8pm
  • 22 September, Tuesday, 11am-12pm
  • 30 September, Wednesday, 2pm-3pm
  • 8 October, Thursday, 3pm-4pm
  • 16 October, Friday, 10am-11am

Sign up for the workshops through Symplicity CD Portal.

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