Interest Groups & Campus Projects

Interest Groups & Campus Projects promote student involvement and contribution within SUSS by creating opportunities for students to initiate and lead projects.

The purpose of Interest Groups (IGs) is to create a vibrant student body and help students develop a stronger sense of belonging. IGs serve to bring like-minded students together and hone common interests that lead to purposeful learning, growth and development.

Kindly visit the Interest Group Information Portal for a step-by-step guide on setting up a new IG.

Students who are keen to join an existing IG, please contact the respective IG leader(s).

SUSS Interest Groups

SUSS Community Languages Interest Group (CLIG)

SUSS Community Languages Interest Group (CLIG) aims to unite SUSS students who are interested in learning different languages used in our community so that they can broaden their horizons and establish deeper rapport with members of society.

  • Sign language lessons
  • Equipping SUSS students with the relevant knowledge and skills required to ease communications between the hearing and the Deaf community

IG Leader: Latricia Tay

Music Interest Group (MIG)

Music Interest Group (MIG) helps find like-minded musicians and singers from classical, broadway or popular music background to jam, record and audition for performance opportunities in SUSS events and showcase your muscial talents.

  • Music-making
  • Recording for SUSS events

IG Leaders: Kelly Ng & Rachael

SUSS Dance(X)

SUSS Dance(X) is a dance interest group encompassing different genres – K-Pop, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary. The IG aims to provide an encouraging space for students regardless of their dance experience to express ideas and emotions through movements.

  • Dance trainings in Contemporary, Hip-Hop, K-pop genres
  • Filming of dance covers

IG Leader: Lim Rui Yi Cheryl


SUSStainability seeks to build competencies and capabilities of SUSS students and the community in achieving sustainable development locally and regionally. The IG aims to generate awareness and mindfulness of SUSS students to economic, environmental and social sustainability efforts.

  • Planting workshops
  • Learning journeys

IG Leader: Jason Tan

Outdoor Adventure Club Interest Group (ODAIG)

Outdoor Adventure Club Interest Group (ODAIG) aims to promote the outdoor spirit to the members of SUSS through various Outdoor Activities and by providing certification programmes for them to learn or be proficient in outdoor skills. The IG organises activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Water sports

IG Leaders: Lim Qi En & Meira Ayuni Binte Harris Rizal

SUSS Skate Interest Group

SUSS Skate Interest Group is a recreational skating community, with a focus on inline and quad skates. The IG brings skaters together to develop a healthy and active student life in SUSS. It serves as an outlet for students to bond and develop leadership skills by imparting skating knowledge among peers.

  • Peer-to-peer mentoring skating sessions
  • Inline skating
  • Quad skating

IG Leader: Athena Wee

SUSS Futsal IG

SUSS Futsal Interest Group aims to promote Futsal as a regular recreational activity. It also serves as an outlet for students to network and make friends with others who have an interest in playing non-competitive football.

  • Regular futsal games

IG Leader: Soong Hung Ning 

Artificial Intelligence Interest Group (AI-IG)

Artificial Intelligence Interest Group (AI-IG) aims to promote the academic and social pursuits of the members, particularly in the study of matters pertaining to the field of Artificial Intelligence/Data Science, and/or other related fields. The AI-IG is a student chapter of Artificial Intelligence Singapore (AISG).

  • Panel talks by industry experts
  • Peer mentorship
  • Mentorships and internship opportunities from AI SG

IG Leader: Mohamad Lutfi Qusyairi

Current Affairs Interest Group (CAIG)

Current Affairs Interest Group (CAIG) aims to promote intelligent discussions on the regional and international challenges faced by contemporary societies and explore possible management or resolutions through various activities.

  • Representation in Model United Nations (MUN)
  • Discussions on global political and social issues
  • Collaborations with other Universities

IG Leader: Abigail Wong

SUSS Investment IG (SIG)

SUSS Investment Interest Group (SIG) was established in 2017 and caters to students with interests in finance and investment. The IG aims to impart financial and investment knowledge in SUSS students.

  • Weekly learning and discussions sessions
  • Producing Equity and Global Macroeconomics Research Reports
  • Industry talks and finance workshops
  • Hosting and participating in relevant competition
  • Presentation days for networking and sharing

IG Leader: Ng Qi Han


SUSS Monsoon Interest Group (Monsoon IG) aims to provide entrepreneurship experience for their members through fun and exciting simulation games. Through various activities, members would learn about enterprise resource planning (ERP) concepts and apply them to virtual platforms.

  • Simulation games
  • Learn about Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP)

IG Leader: Anubhav 

SUSS Cross-Cultural Immersion Interest Group (CCIIG)

SUSS Cross-Cultural Immersion Interest Group (CCIIG) aims to encourage cultural inclusiveness and exchanges within the SUSS student body, where we create a community for like-minded students to gather to share, pursue and explore our interests in travelling and learning of the different cultures around the world.

  • Networking sessions
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Cultural activities

IG Leader: Neo Jia Xin Jessica

SUSS FinTech Interest Group (FTIG)

SUSS FinTech Interest Group (FTIG) aims to be a platform for students in SUSS to pursue and explore their interest in the fast evolving FinTech scene. It also aims to enhance the knowledge and interests of SUSS students of the up and coming industry of FinTech through collaboration with other interest groups, that go beyond SUSS.

  • Research on topics in relation to FinTech and Blockchain
  • Collaborations with SUSS Blockchain Group and universities

IG Leader: Bryan Lim

Note: Major-based IG are only applicable to students from the same major.

Business Analytics Interest Group (BAIG)

Business Analytics Interest Group (BAIG)
IG Leader: Miko Lim Xinyan

Human Resource Management Interest Group (HRM IG)

Human Resource Management Interest Group (HRM IG)
IG Leader: Phang Zheng Jie Daniel

Marketing Interest Group (MKTIG)

Marketing Interest Group (MKTIG)
IG Leader: Serena Rie

Public Safety & Security Interest Group (PSSIG)

Public Safety & Security Interest Group (PSSIG)
IG Leader: Naazneen 

Supply Chain Management Interest Group (SCIG)

Supply Chain Management Interest Group (SCIG)
IG Leader: Goh Zhen Han

Accountancy Interest Group (ACCIG)

Accountancy Interest Group (ACCIG)
IG Leader: Jodi Chew Ming Hwee

Early Childhood Education Interest Group (ECEIG)

Early Childhood Education Interest Group (ECEIG)
IG Leader: Daniel Ayub Mansul

Psychology Interest Group

Psychology Interest Group (PsyConnect)
IG Leader: Chan Yu Xiu Bryan

Campus Projects

Campus Projects promote student involvement and contribution within SUSS by creating opportunities for students to initiate and lead projects.

CP - 4CP - 5


Students are encouraged to initiate projects with the following outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate at least one core value of SPIRIT: Spirit of Learning, Passion for Community, Integrity, Respect and Trust, Innovation for Excellence and Teamwork.
  2. Build or increase sense of belonging of students within the SUSS Community.
  3. Promote social inclusion and cohesion among students.

All projects should support sustainability by reducing consumption of single-use disposables and encouraging usage of reusable items. Please contact Office of Student Life to apply for funding support for the campus project.


Past Initiatives

  • SUSS Mascot Challenge 2017/2018 is a student-initiated project that is supported by the Office of Student Life. It is conceptualised to bring together the SUSS Full-time students in spirit and identity. The aim was to have a SUSS mascot that will reflect the core values of SUSS as well as the 3Hs.
  • Project Collegiate was created in 2015 in a bid to improve the identity and the cohesiveness of the school. The group aspired to leave a legacy for their very young college, and create a symbol which then-UniSIM College students could identify with. A T-Shirt Design competition was launched, with prizes for the best designs, before UC shirts were then printed and sold to any interested students.


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