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Student Teambuilding Programme

The SUSS Student Teambuilding Programme is a graduation requirement for all SUSS Full-time Students to start their university journey together. Students must complete this module within their first academic year at SUSS.


  • To provide students with an experiential platform to cultivate a common SUSS identity
  • To develop foundational aptitudes in self-awareness, team effectiveness, and community-mindedness


  • The programme adopts a combination of e-learning, experiential learning, and on-site training methods to achieve its objectives
  • Runs are typically held overseas to enable students to develop global-mindedness and adaptability – skills which are crucial attributes to thrive in today's context

SUSS Spirit 2

Information on 2020 Student Teambuilding Programme

Programme updates due to evolving Covid-19 situation

  • In view of the current Covid-19, the Student Teambuilding Programme locations have been changed from overseas to local.
  • A total of 5 runs will be offered for students to select from during the Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 period. Please find the 5 run dates in the table below.
LocationRunCourse Dates
Singapore123 Nov 2020 - 26 Nov 2020
Singapore230 Nov 2020 - 03 Dec 2020
Singapore307 Dec 2020 - 10 Dec 2020
Singapore411 Jan 2021 - 14 Jan 2021
Singapore518 Jan 2021 - 21 Jan 2021

  • With this change, students will be able to:
    • Fulfil the Student Teambuilding mandatory graduation requirement
    • Earn 2.5-cu from the ETB module only
  • Students can fulfil the Overseas Experience (OE) requirement through other programmes such as Overseas Experiential Learning courses, Overseas Work Attachment, Overseas Summer/Winter School, and Global Service-Learning. Please visit for more information.

Please read the FAQ page for answers to most common questions about the Student Teambuilding Programme. and to view the Programme Briefing recording. We regularly update the FAQ page. If your question is not in the FAQ list, please send your query to the Office of Student Life at


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