Student Well Being

SUSS promotes and enhances the well-being of all students through the development of a proactive and enabling culture. Having an environment that promotes positive well-being allows students to achieve their full potential. Research has found that healthier and happier students learn better and are more successful in all domains of their lives.


The Office of Student Life adopts a three prong approach to advance student well-being with positive prevention, improvement and intervention support for students. The well-being of students is a shared responsibility. To encourage an inclusive and sustainable culture of well-being in campus, SUSS takes a holistic approach by engaging the SUSS community – students and staff.  

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Campus Wellness

Student can sign up for various well-being activities, events and bite-sized workshops such as Stress Management, Relationship Building, Well-being Retreat, Pop-up Wellness Centre, etc. Students are highly encouraged to initiate and conduct programmes that are useful and benefit the well-being of their peers.


Well-Being Competency Training

Students will increase their depth of self-awareness and self-management, thus learning how to manage their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way.


Peer Support and Befriender

Enabling students to become empathetic, and provide effective onboarding and peer support to their fellow students.


Tell Us More

Students can choose to write to us at dGVsbHVzbW9yZUBzdXNzLmVkdS5zZw== to share their life struggles via email and our dedicated staff will respond. Do not worry, everything shared is confidential!


C-Three Counselling Centre

Individual counselling sessions are available to students to discuss their concerns in a safe environment without judgement in the strictest confidence of the counsellors. Find out more about C-Three here.




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