Student Wellness

SUSS promotes and enhances the well-being of all students through the development of a proactive and enabling culture. Having an environment that promotes positive well-being allows students to achieve their full potential and be active contributors in the community. Research has found that healthier and happier students learn better and are more successful in all domains of their lives.

The Office of Student Life provides students with multiple platforms to build positive relationships and develop new skills to increase their depth of self-awareness, self-management and relationship management. To encourage an inclusive and sustainable culture of well-being in campus, the Office takes a holistic approach by engaging the SUSS community – student and staff. Together with our well-being leaders and local partners, we advance positive prevention programmes such as wellness events and workshops, social networks and support platforms that aim to improve the overall well-being of students.

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Wellness Programmes


Students can sign up for various well-being activities, events and bite-sized workshops such as Relationship Building, Mindfulness, Expressive Arts, etc.

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Peer Supporters (OWLS)


The SUSS Peer Supporters also known as OWLs (Our Well-being Listeners) is a group of trained students who work closely with the Office to promote positive social, emotional, physical and mental well-being through outreach initiatives such as well-being series, pop-up wellness centre and online engagement via their Instagram page.

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Freshmen Befrienders


The Freshmen Befrienders programme is an annual 3-month onboarding initiative that enables senior students to provide effective befriending support for new students as they embark on their SUSS journey. The Befrienders work closely with the Office to design and conduct networking sessions to acclimate new students to the school’s environment and build meaningful relationship within the SUSS community.

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Useful Links

Individual counselling sessions are available to students to discuss their concerns in a safe environment without judgement in the strictest confidence of the counsellors. Find out more about C-three here.

Click here for list of useful helplines within SUSS and external organisations for the following:

  • Bullying (Cyber/Mental)
  • Harrassment
  • Personal/Confidentiality Issues
  • Substance Abuse

Click here for SUSS OWLs COVID-19 Virtual Care List on Mental and Physical Health.

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Office of Student Life (OST) - Student Wellness

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