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Centre for Experiential Learning (CEL)

The Centre for Experiential Learning is dedicated to facilitating a lifelong journey of learning for our students through a series of experiential learning courses, work attachments, overseas exposure programmes and service-learning.

Office of Service-Learning & Community Engagement

Community Engagement is a graduating requirement of SUSS full-time degree programmes.

At SUSS, Community Engagement is conceived as an integral part of the University’s learning ecology and pedagogy to empower you to further develop and act on your sense of social responsibility, grounded in real-world ideas and practices to contribute meaningfully to society.

Community Engagement contributes to SUSS’s educational philosophy of Head, Heart and Habit and is an integral component of SUSS’s full-time degree programmes.

There are five different ways for the students to perform Community-Engaged related initiatives.

  1. Community-Engaged Project
  2. Community-Engaged Work Attachment/ Internship
  3. Community Service-Learning
  4. Global Service-Learning
  5. Social Entrepreneurship

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Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life offers avenues to deepen your knowledge and skills of your interest area(s), and provide opportunities for you to meet and learn together with peers, experienced sector professionals and practitioners. Join us in the journey of discovery through our curated and designed programmes and events to enhance your life at SUSS.


Get Enriched

Step outside your comfort zone, explore and join us in gaining new insights and experiences through the Student Life Programmes. Our Programmes are designed to encourage personal growth and development of students and foster stronger collaboration among students.

Engage in meaningful conversations, be exposed to diverse views, and open your mind to new ways of thinking.


Get Involved

We serve as a catalyst for student involvement. You bring to the SUSS community your valuable experiences, accomplishments, strengths and aspirations. We believe that each of you has the potential to contribute in significant ways to this community.
If you have an idea that will benefit the SUSS community, come share with us!

Seek out new challenges, create new narratives here at SUSS, and enjoy the journey.

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Career Development Office

The Career Development Office (CDO) facilitates the development of work-relevant skills and knowledge to ease SUSS’s full-time students into post-graduation working life.

The team at CDO organises and conducts seminars and workshops, as well as offers small-group and one-on-one consultations in areas such as job search skills, career skills, interview skills, resume and cover letter writing.These functional and practical areas are generally not explored in detail in formal academic courses, but are highly relevant and frequently used in business.

CDO also oversees the Work Attachment and Internship programmes.

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Office of Global Programmes

Overseas Experience is a graduating requirement for full-time SUSS undergraduate students. Global competency and awareness of cultural diversity, particularly in global emerging markets, will continue to be crucial skills and assets in an increasingly globalised world.

We strongly encourage our students to learn to step outside their comfort zones and embrace other cultures, places and ideas like a true global citizen and find themselves as future bridges between cultures and communities.

Overseas Experience can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  1. Overseas Experiential Learning courses
  2. Overseas Summer or Winter School
  3. Overseas Work Attachment or Internships
  4. Global Service-Learning
  5. Overseas Experiential Programmes

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