You Jin Chung

Dr Chung You Jin

Head, Master of Social Work Programme

S R Nathan School of Human Development

Tel: +65 6248 5282

Email: eWpjaHVuZ0BzdXNzLmVkdS5zZw==

Educational Qualifications


Ph. D. Social Work. National University of Singapore, Singapore


M.A. Social Work, Ewha Womans University, South Korea


B.A. Social Work, Ewha Womans University, South Korea

Academic and Professional Experience

2018 - Present

Senior Lecturer/ Social Work Field Education Coordinator, Social Work Programme, S R Nathan School of Human Development, Singapore University of Social Sciences

2015 - 2017

Lecturer, Social Work Programme, S R Nathan School of Human Development, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore

2012 - 2013

Teaching Assistant, Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore

1999 - 2002

Chief Editor, Nanum Social Welfare Publisher - Seoul, Korea

1996 - 1999

Executive Director, Kwanak Boncheon Community Rehabilitation Centre - Seoul, Korea

1995 - 1996

Community Mental Health Social Worker, Hanwool Community Mental Rehabilitation Centre - Seoul, Korea

1993 - 1995

Researcher & Case Manager, Korea Mental Health Welfare Research Institute - Seoul, Korea

Seng, B.K., Mythily, M., Chung, Y.J., Syed Ahmad, S.A.M., Chong, S.A. (2021). Resilience and stress in frontline social workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore, Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 15, 234~243.

Seng, B. K., Yang, O. K., & Chung, Y. J. (2021).
Resilience and psychological distress among social workers during COVID-19 period in Singapore and South Korea, Cambodian Journal of Social Welfare (3), 3-22.

Chung You Jin & Jayashree Mohanty (2014).

Between two worlds in Asia: Korean youths in Singapore, Journal of Population Research, 31 (3), 219-235

  • 2020 - present

    Programme Ethic Review Committee (PERC), Social Work Programme, SUSS

  • 2019 - present

    Member, International Association of Schools of Social Work

  • 2017 - present

    Member, Singapore Association of Social Worker

  • 1st Oct 2022

    Guest Speaker, Mental well-being of adolescents with cancer, 365CPS Mental Wellness Day 2022

  • 15 Jan 2022

    Guest Speaker, Youth Mental Well-being and Resilience, NTUMUN Global Connect Series

  • 2021

    Reviewer, Social Work in Health Care

  • 2018 - present

    Social Work Service Committee, Singapore Children’s Society

  • 2017 - present

    Associate, SSR (Social Service Research Centre), NUS

  • 2017 - present

    Adult Educator/ Subject Matter Expert/Content Developer, SSI (Social Service Institute), NCSS

  • 2014 - 2016

    ICSW Scientific Committee, International Conference on Social Work

  • 2012 - 2015
    Department Ethic Review Committee (DERC), Department of Social Work, NUS

Community Mental Health and Rehabilitation

Immigrant Integration – Cultural Stress and Identity

Youth Mental Health and Resilience

Social Work Field Education

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award, Asia-Pacific Worlds in Motion VI Conference, Singapore

Graduate Student Teaching Award, Faculty of Art and Social Science, National University of Singapore

NUS Research Scholarship, National University of Singapore
Chung, Y. J. (2022).
Cultural Stress and Ethnic Identity: Korean adolescents in Singapore, In Institute of Policy Studies (Eds), Immigrant Integration in Contemporary Singapore, World Scientific Publishing Company.

Virag, V., Chung, Y.J., Tan, N.T., Kimura, M., Seng, B.K. (2022).
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Chung, Y. J, & Yang, Ok-Kyung (2019).
Community Mental Health in South Korea, In Rosaleen Ow & Abner Weng Cheong Poon, Mental Health and Social Work, Springer.
Seng, B. K & Chung, Y. J. (2022).
Online learning: Perception of students and lecturers in the Social Work
Programme during the Covid-19 pandemic, Paper presented at Joint World Conference on Social Work Education and Social Development, Seoul, South Korea

Chung Y.J. & Teo P. L. (2021).
Using Simulation-Based Learning (SBL) in social work field education and training during pandemic, Paper presented at Social Work Supervision Seminar, Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW)

Chung, Y. J., Wong Liling & Yum, S. T. (2020).
Supervise effectively with field education concepts and tools, Workshop conducted at International Federation of Social Work (IFSW) Conference

Chung, Y. J. (2019).
Exploring moderators to understanding the association between cultural stress and
depression among immigrant adolescents in Asian context: using 3way interaction analysis in multiple regression model, Paper presented at International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, University of York, UK

Chung, Y. J. (2017).
Contextual influence on minority of Youth and children, Paper presented at SSR Seminar, NUS, Singapore

Chung, Y. J. (2016).
Examining the moderation effect of ethnic identity on psychological wee-being among
Korean adolescents in Singapore, Paper presented at International Conference on Well-Being, SIM University, Singapore

Chung, Y. J. (2016).
Bicultural stress and ethnic identity among Korean adolescents in Singapore: A mixed
methods study, Paper presented at The Joint World Conference on Social Work Education and Social Development 2016, Seoul.

Chung, Y. J. (2014).
Between two words: Korean adolescents’ ethnic identity and bicultural stress in Singapore, Paper presented at Asia Pacific Worlds in Motion on February, 2014, Singapore: National University of Singapore.

Chung, Y. J. (2012).
Bicultural stress and identity formation among immigrant adolescents in Singapore,
Paper presented at Mixed Methods International Conference on June, 2012, UK: University of Leeds.
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