Community Needs-Assessment using Human-Centered Design Tools

In this workshop, participants will learn how to use two Human-Centered Design tools developed by Creative Reaction Lab and These tools are geared towards ensuring that the service provided to communities and stakeholders are identified by them and not appropriated to them by the academic institutions.
The first tool, Unfolding HistoryTM, was developed by Creative Reaction Labs and is designed to ensure that everyone participating in a project understands the context of an issue/event that continues to create difficulties for a community. Through this tool, participants will be able to analyze how each
stakeholder perceives the same event/issue and will be able to properly assess what specific areas of a problem can academic institutions integrate themselves in.
The second tool, Design Challenge Framing, was developed by to help teams create a more linear process to their project. By opening up this tool for collaborative development with the community, participants can gain insight on how to create buy-in with the community they are intending to serve.

Keywords: Human-Centered Design, Equity-Centered Community Design, Social Design, APRCSL, SUSS.


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