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Welcome Message by Prof Cheah Horn Mun, Dean of NSHD

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you as you commence your programme with the S R Nathan School of Human Development (NSHD) at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). My colleagues and I look forward to engaging with you as you begin your learning journey with us. I am sure this journey will be as enriching to you as it will be for us.


The School you have joined was renamed on 22nd February 2018 as NSHD in honour of the late Mr S R Nathan. Not only does this serves as a tribute to Mr Nathan for his contributions to Singapore, it is also a recognition of the close alignment of the school’s work to a substantial part of Mr Nathan’s lifework. In fact, his contribution to Singapore’s Social Service sector, the Labour movement, as well other nurturing professions, serves to inspire our dedication.

Cheah Horn Mun

The school’s vision of ‘Transforming Lives, Serving Society’ is at the core of what the school does and what its programmes represent. This translates into a strong focus on preparing each student to make an impactful difference in their respective spheres of influence. As such, the programmes have a strong practice orientation that will enable the learner to effectively apply theoretical understanding to real world context. On top of this, the learning experience provides the opportunity for the development of self-directed and collaborative learning skills. In response, it is my hope that throughout the engagement with your respective programmes, each of you strives to continually equip yourself with the values, skills and knowledge that will enable you to serve society meaningfully.

Your learning journey in NSHD will require substantial commitment and application. To facilitate this, the university provides a wide range of supportive measures. These include evidence-based advisory on approaches to learning in SUSS; a set of course material (including e-learning resources) specifically designed for self-paced independent study; and workshops to help hone study skills. Your instructors will meet you in a structured and nurturing environment to enhance the delivery and presentation of the materials. They will provide further academic support through comments on your assignments and communication through electronic media.

In recognition of the importance of your emotional wellness, NSHD also serves the wider SUSS community by operating a counselling centre, C-three. This provides timely pre-emptive and preventive support for the well-being of all our students so that you can be at your peak abilities as you undertake your education.

As you embark on your learning journey in NSHD, I hope you will keep the ethos of the school and the university in mind throughout. It leaves me to wish you every success at both the professional and personal level, and I hope you will find your study in NSHD to be a challenging, positive and rewarding experience.


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