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About the Study


Study Title

The Effects of a Global Pandemic on the Well-Being of Singapore's Population. 

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to measure the well-being of the populace in Singapore post-circuit breaker, during this period of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you agree to participate in this study, you will complete an online survey, which consists of items measuring personality, affect, and well-being. These established measures have been used in studies around the world. The survey will also collect basic demographic data and will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Three months after completion of this survey, you will be invited to participate in a follow-up survey. No personal information, such as name, will be collected, except for your email address that is required for emailing you the token of appreciation and the invitation link for the follow-up survey (if you are interested in participating). You may create a non-identifiable email address (e.g., for this purpose.

There are no greater-than-minimal risks associated with your participation in this study. As in any study, your participation is strictly voluntary, and an informed consent form needs to be signed by you. You do not need any special knowledge to complete the survey.

This research study will help researchers and policymakers understand the impact of the global pandemic on the well-being of the Singapore's population. Findings from the current research would help to inform government policies concerning the areas of focus that could help to enhance people's quality of life and well-being during this unprecedented, difficult time.

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw or stop at any time. There is no cost to take part in the programme and refusal to participate has no consequences. If you choose to participate, there are no right or wrong answers to the questions in the survey and you do not have to answer any question that you feel uncomfortable with. Your responses in the survey are strictly confidential and you will not be asked to provide any identifying information. Records of your responses will not contain any identifying information and only aggregated data will be reported.

The research data will be anonymised and kept confidential. Only the research team will have access to it.

As a token of our appreciation, upon successful completion of the survey and verification, you will receive a gift voucher.

The vouchers will be mailed to your residence address upon verification. As participation is voluntary, you can withdraw from the survey at any time, although you will not be eligible for the token of appreciation.

For an independent opinion regarding the research and the rights of research participants, you may contact the SUSS Human Participant Protection Officer, Dr Adrian Kwek at or +65 6248 0148.

For information, feedback, or matters related to this present research, you may reach the principal investigator, Dr Kang Soon-Hock, at or +65 6248 0132.


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