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Make Your Mark for the Greater Good encapsulates SUSS' heartbeat in holistically developing learners so that they can go on to impact the world around them. Our students come from all walks of life with different aspirations and learning needs. Our unique, applied-oriented and interdisciplinary education, offered through multiple learning pathways and stackable modules that build towards full qualifications, will impart professional knowledge, a passion for society and a thirst for knowledge to them. When they graduate, we are certain that they can go on to make a mark in their careers, in life and on society. So join SUSS to see the world as one of us today.

Learn more about our students' academic journeys with us!

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Home to over 30,000 graduates and 15,000 students each year, SUSS provides vital applied training to create in students the instincts to help, understand, manage and solve issues that affect society.

Realise your dreams with SUSS. Hear how SUSS equips our students to make their mark for the greater good.

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We each define “good” differently. What does it mean to enable good? At SUSS, we believe that we each can play a part in caring for others, impacting lives and making a difference in our world and society — to make our mark for the greater good.

SUSS Students

Learn how SUSS equips our students and graduates with professional competencies that help them make their mark in life and society.

Laurene Chung, public safety and security student and entrepreneur, shares how SUSS' social focus motivated her to run a social enterprise to empower the socially discriminated.

Kimberly Choo, our marketing alumna, shares how self-directed and out-of-classroom applied learning has benefitted her in responding agilely to new work challenges.

Samantha Tan, early childhood alumna and preschool teacher, shares how SUSS' 'Head, Heart, Habit' educational philosophy has enabled her to shape the minds of our young ones.

Learn how Edwin Ho, our finance alumnus, leveraged the entrepreneurship skills he had acquired at SUSS to unlock educational opportunities for many others.

Firdaus Zulkfle, psychology graduate, shares why his learning journey with SUSS has been enriching and meaningful.

SUSS' flexible learning approach enabled Siti Radiah to realise her startup dream while studying. Learn how she acquired industry insights and knowledge from her lecturers to launch her entrepreneurship journey.

Emilia Zainudin, marketing graduate, shares how her SUSS experience has given her employability skills and knowledge for workplace success.

Flexible and independent learning enabled marketing graduate, Tan Hui Kea, to pursue multiple internships and pick up transferable work skills.

For Lionel Dorai, communications alumnus, a life without giving is a life that isn't worth living. Learn how he uses his communication skills to champion the interests of the underprivileged.

Rayner Loi, finance student and founder of Lumitics, shares how the SUSS curriculum enabled him to make a better world by tackling the issue of food waste.

Learn how Chong Wee Lin, social work graduate, intends to apply her skills to serve low-income families.

SUSS Graduates

See the stories of how SUSS graduates are making their mark for the greater good.

Where do engineering and entrepreneurship meet? They are very similar, says entrepreneur Jun Chi.

What is your life goal? Mary makes a difference with her gerontology masters from SUSS.

Once a troubled youth, Yogaraj thought university wasn't for him. He rediscovered his potential at SUSS.

Sara Elizae Yang enrolled in Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme and persevered through the struggles of juggling studies and raising her young children to become one of our first cohort of LLB graduates.

Rick Chua, finance graduate, pursued higher education while working full-time. SUSS was the obvious choice with part-time courses that were flexible and subsidised for working professionals.

Nathaniel Ng, English Language and Literature graduate, is a self-motivated learner who believes that maintaining self is the key. Besides juggling work and school, he made time for volunteering.

Michael Adam, has been working as a freelance football coach in schools. Now, he is a graduate of SUSS Bachelor of Sports and Physical Education with Psychology programme.

Banna Ghorvadhana Rao, Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering graduate, was inspired by a challenge to increase productivity at a local aviation manufacturing company. Encouraged by SUSS faculty and his wife, he researched productivity improvement by lean manufacturing and mass customisation methods.

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