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(updated 21 February 2020, Risk Assessment: DORSCON ORANGE)

Advisory and Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)

We are implementing a series of precautionary measures to keep our communities in SUSS safe, in close alignment with guidelines from Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Education (MOE).  

Let us be socially responsible, do our part in keeping good personal hygiene, follow these measures and keep our campus safe!

Precautionary Measures

For Visitors to SUSS Campus

  1. Step 1

    Temperature Taking

    From Monday, 10 February 2020, all visitors (including students, teaching associates   contractors) must report and have their temperatures taken at any of the following stations:




    • Those without fever will be issued a sticker to be displayed prominently at all times.
    • Those without a sticker will be denied access to offices/classes/events and asked to report to the screening stations.
    • If you are found to have a fever, you will be denied entry and advised to see a doctor immediately. Please call the clinic ahead of your visit and declare your travel history.
    Step 2

    Location-Based Temperature Recording

    With effect from 17 February 2020, all visitors are required to submit temperature readings at their respective meeting locations on campus via a location-specific QR code or URL to facilitate contact tracing.

    This is an additional requirement besides the current mandatory to travel declaration which you are required to make at our temperature screening stations upon arrival.

    Before entering the room for meetings please ensure:

    • You have completed your travel declaration & taken your temperature at the temperature screening stations
    • Use the listed QR codes prominently outside each seminar/meeting room. You can also manually access the listed URL to submit:
      • Name
      • Mobile number
      • the most recent temperature readings taken

    If you are attending meetings at more than one location, you must submit the above information at every subsequent meeting location.

    If you are at our campus for more than 5 hours, you are required to re-take your temperature at any of the designated temperature screening stations.

    Step 3

    Travel Declarations by Visitors

    To facilitate any need for contact tracing, all visitors are required to also submit a travel declaration at the temperature screening station areas. They can also fill in the form prior to their visit.

    We seek your full cooperation in complying with the above mandatory measures. Thank you for helping us keep our campus safe.

The following gates (from Ngee Ann Polytechnic) will be temporarily closed until further notice:

  • Gate 2 (Exit to Clementi Road)
  • Gate 3 (via SIM/SUSS)
  • SIM/SUSS Side Gate (accessible to staff with staff pass during certain timings)
  • Pedestrian Overhead Bridge across PIE towards former Kismis Apartments

The following gates will remain open:

  • Gate 1 (Main Entrance) — Open 6am - 10pm (For vehicles only)
  • Student Plaza — Open 6am -10pm (For walk-in only)
  • Gate 4 (PIE Gate) — Open 6am - 10pm (For vehicles and walk-in)

All students and staff/associates arriving from Mainland China (excluding Hubei province) on or after 31 Jan 2020 6pm will be required to go on LOA for 14 days from the day of arrival in Singapore.

From 18 February 2020, 2359 hrs, staff, students and associates returning from Mainland China (outside Hubei) will be issued a “Stay-Home Notice” (SHN)  for a period of 14 days.  This is done upon your entry into Singapore.  Persons who fail to comply with the SHN may face penalties.

Travel Declaration – All SUSS students and associates are to access the Student/Associate Portal to submit your travel declaration immediately, if you have not done so.  A NIL return is required too.

More information about SHN can be found at

We have increased the frequency of cleaning with disinfectant in high traffic areas, including the Office of Admissions and Office of Student and Alumni Relations counters, by up to 4 times daily.

Important Information for Students

  • Please check the Student Portal, and your SUSS email for the latest updates from Student Support.
  • Monitor your health and adopt good personal hygiene habits. Please seek immediate medical attention if unwell and ensure full recovery before returning to the University for classes.
  • SUSS advises students to defer travel plans to China.
  • For teaching and learning continuity plans, please visit this Learning Services webpage.
  • Please note that SUSS will be implementing 'Online Learning Weeks' for courses in Term 2 (16 – 29 March). For more information, please visit this page.

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