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Faces of SUSS #17: Jasmine Koh


#FacesOfSUSS 17


"It wasn’t an easy task to study again after a 3 year hiatus. I had to learn how to be disciplined, finding the perfect juggle between work and school. With all the TMA submissions, group based assignments and 4 major examinations, it is important to realize we are not alone.

Making friends in every module is one of my favorite memories in school. I got to learn about their professions, laugh along to interesting stories from work, and glimpse into why they chose to study psychology, which for many was the complete opposite of their profession.

My favorite module is Psychology of Consumer Behavior. The lecturer made lessons fun by sharing jokes and his personal experiences, as well as offering great examination tips.

Even after leaving SUSS, I still participate in alumni activities now and then. If you give me another chance to take my degree again, I will still choose SUSS."


Jasmine Koh
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Business
Class of 2015


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