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Becoming a Chameleon Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs, especially during the early days of their company, have to take on a variety of roles to build their business. They can’t just handle the tech or merely oversee business development – they have to do it all.

But how exactly do you learn to be an entrepreneur? While there’s no one method – every company and founder’s journey is different, after all – hitting the books, getting advice from mentors, and gaining work experience matter.

Thoughtfully planned education policies and curriculums are also vital in shaping future entrepreneurs, as they help people remain open-minded, flexible, and nimble so they can capitalize on different career and skills-building opportunities. And thanks to the increasingly personalized approaches to learning and development, it’s possible to plan ahead and yet remain flexible.

Here are some skills, traits, and roles that entrepreneurs have had to take on – how many have you prepared?


This article was done in partnership with Tech in Asia.


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