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Demystifying Millennials

The last of the millennials make up less than one % of the population but they are often not hard to spot. Ambitious, bold and colourful characters, millennials are easily characterised based on the traits they exhibit, but are such generalisations accurate?

One thing is for sure: These individuals represent the next generation of Singapore and their transformations will have a deep impact on the future of this country. Hence, it is vital for us to uncover the needs and aspirations of this generation, which was undertaken by the SUSS-Straits Times 19+ youth research survey conducted in May 2019.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the 19-year-olds' mindsets and how they will shift in response to changes in life stages, we can offer better support for the younger generations to thrive and prosper. Watch the three videos below to understand how millennials defy entrenched perceptions with surprising findings.

Myth #1: Millenials only care about money
Fact: They seek purpose-filled lives

Millennials are not a money-faced bunch. In fact, the SUSS-ST study has established that having meaningful jobs is a bigger priority for them over chasing wealth and affluence. They are also pragmatic and seek to balance their dreams with reality.

Myth #2: Millennials don't read books
: They read widely to better understand the world

Millennials grow up in a time of hyper-targeted and personalised media and gadgets. These platforms have contributed to the misconception that they spend most of their time mindlessly scrolling through social media.They are also thought to loathe reading, preferring both moving and static visuals over lines of text. However, the SUSS-ST survey show that they are passionate about learning, discovering the world and their surrounding affairs.

Myth #3: Millennials are self-absorbed
Fact: They desire social interactions as much as their predecessors

Humans are not natural hermits, and the same goes for the millennial generation, who also value social lives, marriage and raising a family with their partners as much as the preceding generations. They only differ in terms of the modes of interactions, being mostly digital or online, thanks to the technologically-forward times of today.

Millennials - a purpose-filled and deeply-connected generation

With the SUSS-ST survey findings, it is proven that millennials are not who we presume them to be. In fact, the needs and wants of these vivacious individuals are not any different from the generations who came before.

While their circumstances, the tools and resources that they have at their disposal are different, their motivations for a purpose-filled life, deeper interpersonal connection and avenues to expand their worldview are not unlike their predecessors.

The onus is now on us to look at how we can best support their growth, which will be a vital deciding factor in securing the future of our country.

Read the full report: SUSS-Straits Times 19+ Youth Survey Research Report - May 2019.


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