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Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Corporate Governance and Risk Management (ACC495)


ACC495 Corporate Governance and Risk Management considers the underlying principles of corporate governance and why risk management and the internal control process are important pillars of corporate governance. The course will also discuss the widely accepted frameworks for corporate governance, risk management and internal controls.

Level: 4
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Introduction to corporate governance
  • Code of corporate governance
  • Understanding risk management
  • The enterprise risk management framework
  • Internal controls
  • Implementation of internal controls

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse the conceptual framework, key rules, regulations and guidelines governing the corporate governance of companies in Singapore and in other countries.
  • Appraise the roles and responsibilities of directors and Board Committees.
  • Formulate organisational strategies to manage risk.
  • Evaluate the need for and the effectiveness of internal control systems.
  • Assess risks using an ERM framework.
  • Develop the essential knowledge and interpersonal skills to work effectively in a team.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in written and verbal communication skills.
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