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Data Analytics for Managers

Data Analytics for Managers (ANL552)


With the evolution of Industry 4.0, data analytics is becoming a key decision making tool in business organisations. Professionals who are familiar with business analytics for management are highly sought-after in today's competitive market. This course equips students with the key skills in business analytics and data visualisation. Students will learn to formulate a business problem and prepare data required for constructing an analytics solution relevant to the business problem. Through hands-on projects, students will gain experience in turning big data into important insights that can lead to better organisational performance

Level: 5
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Business Analytics as a Key Modern Approach in Business Management
  • Business Analytics Cycle
  • Overview of Data Mining
  • Analytics Techniques
  • Data Exploration and Preparation
  • Construction of Analytics Solution using Application Software

Learning Outcome

  • Assess the key aspects of business analytics
  • Evaluate the business analytics cycle
  • Appraise the feasibility of a potential analytics application
  • Create a statement for a problem that is solvable using analytics
  • Prepare data for mining and analysis
  • Select an appropriate analytics solution approach
  • Construct an analytics solution based on the identified problem
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