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Pedagogical Approaches in Art

Pedagogical Approaches in Art (BAE303)


What art teachers do in class, how they structure the lesson time and approach the topics influence the overall learning experience of their students and are based on teachers’ assumptions about learners and the subject. In BAE303, various pedagogical approaches in art will be introduced, ranging from traditional teacher-centred approaches to current ones such as learner-centred approaches. Students will be aware of the constraints and affordances of these different methods in art teaching and be able to select intelligently in their own practise.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Overview of major learning theories.
  • Behaviorism and Cognitive Theories and their influences on art teaching
  • Social-cultural, Constructivism and Experiential Learning and art teaching
  • Development of teaching approaches for local classrooms
  • Models of Teaching Approaches in Art: I
  • Models of Teaching Approaches in Art: II

Learning Outcome

  • Examine various art education pedagogical approaches for merit.
  • Discuss distinctive characteristics underpinning each approach towards art education.
  • Critique selected pedagogical approaches – their advantages, constraints and demands.
  • Select a pedagogical approach appropriate for a given learning situation.
  • Recommend a pedagogical approach appropriate for a given learning environment.
  • Design lessons based on the pedagogical approach selected.
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