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Introduction to Music Education

Introduction to Music Education (BMU101)


Provides an overview of the key elements in music teacher preparation and introduces prospective music teachers to the profession of music education. Featured topics include the role, the qualities and the competencies of music teachers and the nature of music teaching. In the process, the theories of learning and their application to the music curriculum, and the major teaching approaches and methods will be examined.

Level: 1
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Course Overview & Psychological Perspective of Music Education
  • Philosophical Perspective of Music Education
  • Music Methods for General Music Classes I (Orff and Dalcroze)
  • Music Methods for General Music Classes II (Kodály and Suzuki)
  • Multicultural Education and Interdisciplinary Education in the Music Classrooms
  • Technology in the Music Classroom and Teaching the 21st Century Music Learners

Learning Outcome

  • Examine the different theoretical perspectives on musical development
  • Compare the different pedagogical approaches towards teaching music
  • Summarise pedagogical approaches by the Suzuki, Kodály, Orff-Schulwerk and Dalcroze
  • Apply music pedagogical approaches in music lesson planning.
  • Discuss the use of technologies in music lesson.
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of the Kodály, Orff-Schulwerk and Dalcroze in lesson planning.
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