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Boeing Certification Course

Boeing Certification Course (BOE237)

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Language: English

Duration: 6 months

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Area of Interest: Science & Technology

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School/Department: School of Science & Technology


This course provides an in-depth ATA Level I and II overview of the Avionics/ Airframe/ Powerplant/ Electrical systems. It gives the student a understanding of the airplane principle characteristics, system purpose, general description, location of components including servicing connections, normal function and operation, Built In on relevant in-service problems, service bulletins, and maintenance tips.Student are also introduced to safety precautions/human factors that must be observed, and receive instruction on ramp and transit maintenance practices on aircraft systems for dispatching and/or receiving commercial aircraft.This course will be conducted by ST Aerospace Ltd in SUSS campus.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 10
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Course Introduction/ Airplane General; Maintenance Documents
  • Electrical Power, ARINC 629, Overhead Panel ARINC 629, Systems Card File, Airplane Information, Management System (AIMS), Primary Display System (PDS)
  • Primary Display System (PDS), Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Network File Server, Flight Deck Entry Video, Ground Maneuver Camera System (GMCS), Central Maintenance Computer System (CMCS)
  • Central Maintenance Computer Sys, Airplane Condition Monitoring Sys, Flight Data Recorder, Data Comm. Mgmt Sys, Flight Compartment Printer, Pitot Static Sys, Standby Attitude Reference Sys, Air Data Inertial Reference Sys, Radio Altimeter, Global Positioning Sys, VOR Navigation
  • Instrum’t Land’g Syst, Distance Measure Equip, Auto Direction Finder Sys, Grnd Proximity Warn’g Sys, Weather Radar, Air Traffic Ctrl Sys, Traffic Alert Sys, Warn’g Electronics Sys, Flight & Thrust Mgmt Comput’g Sys, Flight Ctrl Overview, Autopilot Flight Director Sys
  • Cabin Interphone System, Passenger Address System, Passenger Service System, CSS Operation, Flight Interphone, Service Interphone, Ground Crew Call, VHF Communications, HF Communications, SELCAL, SATCOM, Voice Recorder, Emergency Locator Transmitter, Exam/Debrief
  • Fuel, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), Power Plant
  • Power Plant, Hydraulic Power, Landing Gear
  • Landing Gear, Flight Controls
  • Flight Controls, Pneumatics
  • Pneumatics, Air Conditioning
  • Air Conditioning, Equipment Cooling, Pressurization, Nitrogen Generation System (NGS), Ice and Rain, Protection, Fire Protection
  • Fire Protection, Equipment and Furnishings, Oxygen, Water and Waste, Doors
  • Doors, Windows, Cargo Handling System, Lights
  • Lights, Exam/Debrief- Airframe, End of Course Evaluation
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