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Theoretical Perspectives of Outdoor Education

Theoretical Perspectives of Outdoor Education (BSE221)


BSE221 Theoretical Perspective of Outdoor Education provides a range of the theoretical perspectives, and practices of outdoor education. Students will examine adventure education and place-based education as branches of outdoor education. Students will learn about the local and international development of outdoor education. Theories related to how people learn in the outdoors and factors which affect participation will be discussed in the seminars. Challenges and opportunities in relation to the outdoors and future trends will also be discussed.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Overview and history of outdoor education
  • Local and international development of outdoor education
  • Theoretical perspectives in outdoor education
  • Adventure-programming and place-based learning
  • Theoretical constructs in outdoor education
  • Learning theories and acquisition of knowledge
  • Outdoor education in contemporary practice
  • OE in schools, outdoor pursuit, adventure therapy
  • Managing motivation, risk, fear, and stress
  • Problem solving, decision-making, sound judgement
  • Development across the life span and outdoor education
  • Emerging trends in outdoor education

Learning Outcome

  • Describe a range of theoretical perspectives of outdoor education.
  • Examine theoretical constructs applicable to outdoor education.
  • Explain the development of outdoor education from the local and international perspectives.
  • Discuss future trends in outdoor education in Singapore and beyond.
  • Demonstrate understanding of educational benefits of utilising risks, stress and fear in outdoor education.
  • Illustrate the use psycho-social factors in the planning and design of outdoor education lessons or programmes.
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