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Instructional Aspects in Physical Education and Sports

Instructional Aspects in Physical Education and Sports (BSE255)


BSE255 Instructional Aspects in Physical Education and Sports explores the learning and application of basic instructional skills in Physical Education and sport settings, including environmental arrangements, task presentations, content development, lesson/activity planning and feedback. Students will apply instructional principles to small peer group settings using a variety of activities involving various movement skills and concepts. Requirements for each teaching/coaching episode include the construction of a written lesson/activity plan aligned with developmental appropriateness, an audio or video recording of some teaching and the submission of a written self-reflection on the teaching/coaching implemented. Students will use technological skills to critique and evaluate their instructional methods.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Planning the curriculum
  • Planning for effective teaching
  • Mosston & Ashworth's Spectrum of Teaching Styles
  • Task enhancement
  • Skill development
  • Effective teaching
  • Teaching and learning feedback
  • Basic assessment - formal & informal
  • Types of assessment
  • Self-expression as action and creativity in action
  • Teacher and peer support (encouragement)
  • Collaboration

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the different types of movement skills (e.g., open and closed, technical and tactical) and the implications of such for the design of learning experiences.
  • Design characteristics of a good task presentation.
  • Present examples of general, specific, evaluative, corrective, congruent, incongruent, as well as positive and negative feedback.
  • Describe the implications for groups of learners on the design of learning experiences.
  • Develop appropriate student/player performance objectives for a learning experience in the various domains.
  • Create a strategy for the presentation and development of a skill consistent with the characteristics of that skill.
  • Demonstrate and/or explain skills accurately and efficiently using qualities of a good demonstration.
  • Design a sequence of lessons/activities using extension, refinement and application tasks.
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